Top Tips for Properly Storing your Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders have become a staple in every makeup lover’s collection. They are an essential tool for applying foundation, concealer, and other products evenly on the skin. However, many people struggle with how to store their beauty blenders properly. In this blog post, we will be giving you some tips on how to store your beauty blender effectively.

Clean Your Beauty Blender Before Storage

The first step in storing your beauty blender is to make sure it is clean. You should always wash your beauty blender after each use with warm water and soap or a specialized cleanser. Once it is clean, wring out any excess water and gently dab it dry with a towel.

How Often Should I Clean My Beauty Blender?

You should aim to clean your beauty blender after every use if possible. If that isn’t feasible for you, try washing it at least once a week.

Air Dry Your Beauty Blender After Cleaning

Once you’ve cleaned your beauty blender thoroughly, leave it to air dry completely before storing it away. Avoid using heat sources such as hairdryers or radiators as they can damage the sponge.

Where Should I Leave My Beauty Blender To Air Dry?

You want to choose somewhere where there’s good airflow and ventilation that’s free from dust particles when drying out your sponge.

A great idea would be placing the damp sponge on top of an open jar so that air circulates around all sides of the sponge easily while keeping them off any surfaces where they could harbor bacteria again.

Another option would be leaving them into their packaging container since these also offer excellent ventilation due to little holes punched into them making things easier for you!

Store Your Dry Sponge In A Clean Container Or Bag

Nowadays, there are various containers specifically designed to hold and store beauty blenders. They are usually made of breathable materials such as mesh or silicone that allow the sponge to breathe, ensuring it stays dry and clean.

If these containers aren’t an option for you, a small zipper bag is another excellent choice. Just make sure the bag is clean and free from bacteria before storing your sponge inside.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Choosing A Container Or Bag?

– Make sure the container/bag is breathable
– Ensure it’s easy to clean
– The material should not be abrasive on the sponge

Avoid Storing Your Beauty Blender in A Damp Place

Storing your beauty blender in a damp environment like a makeup bag can cause mold growth, which then leads to bacterial infections on your skin after use. It would help if you always kept them dry by airing out well before putting them away for future application.

Should I Use My Beauty Blender If It Has Mold Growth?

No! You must dispose of any sponges with visible mold growth immediately and replace them with new ones.


In conclusion, storing your beauty blender correctly involves keeping it clean, dry, and keeping its shape when stored away. Follow our tips above carefully so that you will have a long-lasting sponge ready at all times for applying those flawless applications we all want!

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