Expert Tips for Safely Storing Your Boat Outside During Winter Months

Winter is here, and for many boat owners, it’s time to store their vessels until the warmer weather returns. Storing a boat outside in winter can be challenging, but with the right preparation and techniques, you can protect your valuable asset from damage caused by snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.

Find a Suitable Storage Location

The first step in storing your boat outside during winter is finding a safe and secure location. It should be an area that provides adequate protection from harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy snowfall or hailstorms. The storage location should also have good drainage systems to prevent water buildup around your boat.

Consider Climate Control Options

If possible, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit for your boat. This will ensure that temperature fluctuations don’t cause any damage to your vessel’s sensitive components such as engines or batteries. If this option isn’t feasible due to budget constraints or space limitations, try covering the exposed parts of the engine with plastic sheets or tarpaulin.

Clean Your Boat Thoroughly

Before putting away your vessel for winter storage outdoors make sure it is clean thoroughly inside out. Start by removing all items on-board including electronic gadgets (i.e., GPS units) life jackets, ropes etcetera; check every nook & cranny lifting mats if need be so that nothing remains behind which may attract unwanted visitors like rodents!

Cover Your Boat Securely

Once you’ve found a suitable storage location and cleaned up everything inside-outside of the boat then its time to cover it securely using quality shrink-wrapping material designed specifically for marine use- these wraps are waterproof yet breathable keeping contents dry while allowing air circulation preventing mildew growth.

Additionally securing covers firmly prevents wind gusts from causing flapping motion which may lead to rips or tears in the cover. For best results, use heavy-duty ropes and bungee cords over each corner securing them tightly around the boat.

Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage

You’ve secured your storage location by ensuring it has adequate protection from inclement weather conditions, cleaned your vessel inside-outside including removing all items on-board and properly covered it up securely with suitable shrink-wrap material- now you need to prepare your boat for winter storage.

Drain Water Systems: Prior to storing your vessel outdoors during winter drain its onboard water systems (including engine block drains) which can freeze leading to bursting pipes causing severe damage.

Fuel System Preservation: Fuel that is left standing in a tank over long periods of time tends towards degradation due to oxidation & evaporation resulting in fuel varnish buildup among other issues. To prevent this add fuel stabilizer treatment before filling-up tanks completely minimizing air pockets creating opportunities for moisture accumulation within lines especially near fittings like filters etcetera

Battery Maintenance: Disconnect any batteries on-board prior to storage & charge them fully periodically throughout season’s downtime. Failing battery maintenance may lead appliances such as alarms or navigation tools remaining active discharging batteries completely- so check regularly!


Storing a boat outside during winter can be challenging – but taking good care while preparing it beforehand ensures that vessels remain well-maintained even through harsh weather conditions until next boating season starts! With these tips, protecting valuable investments is easier than ever before making sure they last longer providing years of enjoyment out there on open waters without any hassle whatsoever!

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