Expert Tips for Storing Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Cake with cream cheese frosting is one of the most delicious treats that you can have in your dessert menu. However, it can be quite challenging to store such a cake as the frosting tends to melt and become runny. Therefore, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind while storing a cake with cream cheese frosting.

Preparing the Cake for Storage

Before storing your cake, make sure that it has completely cooled down. This will help prevent any moisture from forming inside the container or wrapper where you intend to keep it. Also, ensure that all the toppings or decorations on top of the frosting have completely set before storing.

The Importance of Wrapping

The key to keeping your cake fresh is proper wrapping. A properly wrapped cake helps maintain its texture and moisture content for several days. Use either plastic wrap or aluminum foil to cover every inch of the surface area of your cake; this prevents air from getting in contact with your icing.

Avoid Refrigeration

It may seem like refrigerating a frosted cake would be ideal since cold temperatures tend to preserve food items better than room temperature conditions do; however, refridgeration isn’t good for cakes (especially those with cream cheese frosting). The fridge causes condensation which makes cakes dampish and soggy over time – something we’re trying our hardest here not achieve!

Freezing Your Cake Safely

Freezing could be an option if you don’t plan on consuming all portions at once . Be sure first off only freeze if absolutely life-saving necessary(!) by double-wrapping tightly with plastic wrap holding each side firmly tight making sure no air pockets are present between layers then placing them into freezer bags—taking care not just stuff inside bags because squishing ruins beautifully decorated cakes!


In conclusion, the key to storing a cake with cream cheese frosting is proper wrapping and avoiding refrigeration. By following these tips, you can ensure that your cake stays fresh and delicious for several days. Remember: It’s always better to store your frosted cakes at room temperature instead of risking them in the fridge. Now go enjoy that leftover slice!

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