Top Tips for Storing Cut Potatoes: Keep Them Fresh and Delicious!

Potatoes are a staple ingredient in many of our dishes, and they’re used in countless recipes. But what do you do with the leftover potatoes when you don’t need them all at once? There’s no need to throw them away! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to store cut potatoes so that they stay fresh for longer.

Why Should You Store Cut Potatoes?

Cutting potatoes into cubes or slices is a time-saving technique that can help speed up your cooking process. However, cutting potatoes exposes their flesh to air which causes oxidation and leads to spoilage.

Oxidation causes the potato’s skin to turn brownish-black and its flesh will become mushy and unappetizing. Storing cut potatoes correctly can prevent this from happening and prolong their shelf life.

The Best Ways To Store Cut Potatoes

There are several ways to store cut potatoes properly depending on your preference; each method has its benefits:

In Water:

Storing cut raw potatoes submerged in water is an effective way of keeping them fresh for longer periods than just leaving them out.
To use this method, place your diced or sliced raw potatoes inside an airtight container filled with cold water.
Be sure the container completely covers all of the pieces of potato while also being tightly sealed shut.
Store the container inside your fridge until ready for use.

You can change out the water every day or two if it becomes murky although not necessary as long as kept refrigerated.

Remember when using this method always drain any excess liquid before cooking because it could affect flavoring.

In The Fridge Without Water:

If you prefer not having any moisture around stored vegetables then storing sliced/diced raw potatos without water may be right for you.
To use this method after slicing/dicing the raw potato, store them in an airtight container and then transfer it to your fridge.
Be sure the container is sealed tightly before placing it into your fridge.

When storing potatoes this way, their shelf life will depend on how well they are sealed along with temperature settings of your refrigerator.
Make sure to check these often for possible spoilage or deterioration.

In The Freezer:

Freezing cut potatoes is another way to preserve them for longer times but can affect texture when thawed.
To use this method, blanch first before freezing
Firstly heat water until boiling then add in diced/sliced potatoes for 3-5 minutes
Afterwards remove from pot and strain with cold water; let cool completely before using plastic bags/containers suitable for freezing


Storing cut potatoes properly doesn’t have to be difficult. By following any of these three methods outlined above you should increase the longevity of fresh sliced/diced potatos dramatically compared to just leaving out on countertop at room temperature. Which method works best depends mostly on personal preference.

Remember always handle raw food safely by washing hands frequently throughout preparation process as well as keeping all utensils clean during cutting etc.

By taking proper steps you’ll never again needlessly waste precious ingredients!

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