Effective Tips for Storing a Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TVs have become an essential part of modern living rooms. They offer better image quality, a wider viewing angle and take up less space compared to the old cathode ray tube (CRT) models. However, they also require proper storage and handling if you need to move or temporarily store them.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to store a flat screen TV without damaging it.

Preparing for Storage

Before storing your flat screen TV, you should do the following:

Clean the Screen

Use a microfiber cloth or dry duster to remove any dust or debris from the surface of the screen. Avoid using water or cleaning agents as they might damage the sensitive display.

Remove Cables and Accessories

Disconnect all cables attached to your TV such as HDMI, power cord, audio cables etc. Also remove any accessories such as wall mount brackets.

Pack with Appropriate Materials

To protect your flat screen from scratches and bumps while in transit use appropriate packaging materials like bubble wrap which is gentle on surfaces but provides adequate cushioning.

Ensure that all components are thoroughly padded before placing them inside cardboard box specially crafted for transporting electronic items – this will keep everything securely in place during transportation.

It’s important not to use packing peanuts because they can lodge themselves into small spaces within electronics causing issues later on down the line.

Transportation Tips:

Once packed away properly its time transport it safely avoiding unnecessary risk of damages during transit;

Avoid Laying Flat

Carrying a television completely flat puts stress on both sides of its panel which may cause permanent damage by creating pressure points leading cracks in some areas.

Instead stand your device upright with care when carrying it through doorways and hallways – Just ensure it’s well secured and doesn’t sway as you walk.

Use a Vehicle Large Enough

Using a car or truck that is big enough for the TV will prevent any bending, bumping or unnecessary pressure on the device. A larger vehicle like an SUV or van with ample space is ideal to transport it in.

You can also consider using blankets to wrap around your flat screen before placing it inside of your vehicle– this added layer of protection can help absorb any shocks during transportation.

Storing Tips:

When you need to store your flat-screen TV away safely here are some tips:

Choose a Dry Place

The place where you choose should be dry as moisture may damage electronic components over time. Choose a cool dry storage area such as closet, garage or attic but away from damp areas which could potentially cause mold growth

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Avoid storing your television in extreme temperatures below 32°F (0°C) and higher than 100°F (37°C). Sudden changes in temperature can lead to condensation which damages internal electronic parts.

Ensure there’s enough airflow around the device so that protective layers do not trap heat causing heat build-up leading to potential overheating issues later.

Finally, secure all cords with cable ties at both ends making sure everything stays organized giving easy access when needing them again without cluttering up valuable space.

In conclusion, proper handling and storage of a flat screen tv will keep it safe from damage whether being transported temporarily stored safely until its next use. Follow these simple steps above whenever handling and transporting your TV set – doing so helps ensure longevity free from unwanted wear & tear while maintaining its high-quality image display output for years ahead!

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