Essential Tips on Fountain Pen Storage

Fountain pens are not just a writing tool, but they’re also pieces of art and collectibles. They require proper care to maintain their functionality and longevity. One essential factor for fountain pen maintenance is how you store them.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss different methods on how to store a fountain pen properly.

Why Proper Storage Matters?

Fountain pens have delicate nibs that can easily get damaged if not stored correctly. The ink inside the pen can also evaporate or dry out if the pen is exposed to air for an extended period.

Moreover, harsh environmental factors like temperature changes, humidity levels, and sunlight exposure can cause damage to your fountain pen’s parts and materials. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your fountain pens in safe storage.

Best Practices For Fountain Pen Storage

Here are some best practices for storing your precious fountain pens:

Clean Your Pens Before Storage:

Before storing your fountain pens away carefully clean them with water or a recommended cleaning solution. Use a soft cloth or tissue paper to wipe the nib gently.

If any ink residue is left behind on the nib after cleaning use tweezers or toothbrush bristles soaked in water/solution to remove it entirely.

Make sure that there’s no moisture left around the barrel area since moisture will promote bacterial growth which could lead into microbial infection in humans when comes into contact with skin

Dry everything thoroughly before moving onto step 2 below!

Select A Safe Location For Storage:

Once cleaned and dried, take special precautions with where you choose as storage location such as avoiding areas that receive direct sunlight (UV light), high temperatures (>75°F) , low humidity (<20%), inclement weather (such as rainstorms), pollution (smoke etc.) A good place would be somewhere cool dark spot like a drawer or cabinet. Choose a location that is free from dust and debris to keep your pens clean and protected. If possible, avoid storing them in an area with extreme temperature changes as this can damage your fountain pen’s materials.

Use Proper Pen Cases:

Pen cases are specially designed for fountain pen storage, making them the best option. Some things you should look for in a good case include:

– Padded interiors to prevent scratches.

– Dividers to separate each pen

-Airtight seals on zippers or snaps that helps protect pens from moisture accumulation due to humidity fluctuations while stored away

Remember not all cases are created equal so make sure you find one tailored specifically for your needs.


By following these simple steps above, we ensure our fountain pens remain in pristine condition until we’re ready to use them again. Proper storage will prolong the life of our beloved writing instruments which will ultimately save us time, money and stress down the road! Remember always take care when handling delicate nibs – they’re art pieces too!

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