The Ultimate Guide on Storing Your Guitar in a Case for Long-lasting Performances

If you own a guitar, then it’s essential to know how to store it safely in a case. A case not only protects the guitar from damage but also ensures that dust and dirt do not accumulate on it. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of storing your guitar in a case.

Choose the Right Case

The first step is choosing the right type of case for your guitar. There are hardshell cases and soft gig bags available in the market. The hardshell cases offer better protection than soft gig bags as they are built with sturdy materials like wood or fiberglass that withstand external pressure, ensuring its safety during transportation or storage.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Guitar Case:

1) Size: Ensure that the size of your chosen case matches that of your instrument.

2) Material: Look for materials like plywood, ABS plastic, or polyfoam as they provide adequate protection against impact or shock.

3) Padding: The interior padding should be thick enough to prevent scratches or dents on your guitar’s finish without being too tight.

4) Locks and latches: Cases should have locks and latches placed at points where there is no strain on them while carrying.

Clean Your Guitar Before Storing It

Before placing your guitar inside its carry bag/case, ensure you clean it thoroughly using a dry cloth free from any moisture as dampness can lead to mold growth over time.

Steps To Clean Your Guitar:

1) Gently wipe down all parts of your instrument with a microfiber cloth until all visible dust particles are removed.

2) Use compressed air (commonly found at electronics stores), gently blowing off any debris stuck within crevices between strings etc.,

3) Check if there’s grime buildup around frets. If so use a light guitar polish to clean them thoroughly.

Position Your Guitar Correctly

To ensure the guitar remains safe in storage, it is crucial to position it correctly within its carry case. Improper positioning can lead to damage or even breakage of the instrument’s neck.

How To Position Your Guitar:

1) First, loosen all strings before storing them inside the case.

2) Next, place your guitar on its back with its headstock pointing towards you and then carefully fit it into the bag/case.

3) Ensure that there’s no extra space left between any parts that may shift around while carrying.

Store The Case Safely

You must store your guitar case properly when not in use. Keeping it at room temperature and away from dampness or direct sunlight ensures longevity for an extended period.

Tips For Safe Storage of Your Guitar Case:

1) Avoid keeping your instrument near sources of heat as high temperatures can cause warping and cracking over time.

2) Keep the case secure by putting a lock on both latches if available or placing straps over each

In conclusion, learning how to store your guitars safely will prolong their lifespan making sure you enjoy playing music for years. Follow these tips above so that next time you want to play some tunes in front of friends or family members; they’ll be impressed with just how well-maintained your precious musical investment looks!

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