Tips for Storing a Lawn Mower Outside Without a Shed

Maintaining a green and healthy lawn is no easy task, especially when you don’t have enough space to store your lawn mower inside. However, if you’re facing this issue, fret not – we’ve got some tips for how to store a lawn mower outside without a shed.

Choose the Right Spot

When storing your lawn mower outside, it’s crucial to find the right spot that will protect it from harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow. Look for an area in your yard that is dry and has good drainage. Avoid placing it under trees or near bushes where debris could potentially get caught in the blades.

Elevate Your Lawn Mower

To prevent moisture from seeping into the underside of your lawnmower when stored on grass or soil outdoors, consider elevating it using wooden pallets or concrete blocks. Not only does this help you avoid rusting issues but also helps save money on repairs down the line due to improper storage.

Invest In A Quality Cover

One of the most important things you can do to protect your lawnmower when stored outside is investing in high-quality covers designed specifically for outdoor use. These covers come with reinforced seams and waterproof materials that offer protection against windblown dust, UV radiation exposure as well as rainfall.

Clean Your Lawn Mower Thoroughly Before Storage

It’s essential always to clean up any dirt or debris before putting away your lawnmower after usage thoroughly. Doing so will prevent clogging around air filters while keeping its mechanical parts safe from contaminants like grease buildup over time.

Cleaning should include wiping off all surfaces with soapy water and then spraying them down with either WD-40 (a silicone-based lubricant)or Armor All (a synthetic polymer rubber cleaner), both of which are known by experts for their effectiveness at preventing corrosion damage during storage.

Remove Fuel From The Tank

Gasoline left in your lawnmower’s tank during the offseason can lead to carburetor issues and other problems that could ruin your engine. Therefore, before storing it outside without a shed, always remove all gasoline from the tank and run the engine until it stalls out. This will prevent any residual fuel from evaporating or condensing into water droplets that may cause rusting.

Cover All Openings To Keep Pests Out

To protect against pests like rodents, snakes, insects, etc., be sure to cover up all openings around your lawnmowers such as air intake valves and exhaust pipes with duct tape or rubber stoppers. Doing so keeps them out of hiding spots where they can take shelter on cold winter days while also reducing potential damage caused by gnawing of wires or hoses within.

In conclusion, storing a lawn mower outside without a shed requires little effort but is an investment worth making for those who do not have access to an indoor space. By following these tips carefully outlined above: choosing suitable locations elevated off-ground surfaces; investing in durable covers designed specifically for outdoor use; cleaning thoroughly after usage before storage; removing all fuel from tanks and covering up open spaces – you can ensure longer durability while saving money over time!

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