Top Tips for Properly Storing Your Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a timeless fashion statement that can be worn for years if taken care of properly. Storing them correctly is important to maintain their quality and avoid any damage or discoloration.

Choosing the Right Storage Space

When storing your leather jacket, it is essential to choose the right storage space. A dry, cool, and dark area with good ventilation is ideal for storing leather. Avoid storing your jacket in areas exposed to direct sunlight or dampness as this may cause damage to the material.


A closet is an excellent place to store a leather jacket since it provides an environment that meets all of the requirements mentioned above. Make sure that there’s enough space between clothes in the closet so that air circulates around each item of clothing.

Garmet Bag

If you don’t have enough closet space, consider using a garment bag made from natural materials such as cotton or linen instead of plastic bags which trap moisture inside and do not allow proper air circulation.

Hanging vs Folding Leather Jackets

Many people wonder whether they should hang or fold their leather jackets when storing them. The answer depends on personal preference and available space.

Hanging Jackets

Hanging your jacket on a wooden hanger will help keep its shape intact as opposed to folding it up in half which can create creases over time.

Folding Jackets

Folding your leather jacket may take up less space than hanging but make sure you avoid creasing by gently folding at key points like shoulders before tucking into storage container/ box.

Prepping Your Jacket Before Storage

Before storing your leather jacket for months end, prep work necessary ensures long-term preservation;

  • Clean: It’s important to clean the jacket before storing it because dirt or oils that have accumulated on the surface can end up damaging the material over time.
  • Condition: Once you have cleaned your leather jacket, apply a conditioner to protect and maintain its natural oils which help keep leather supple & shiny
  • Dry Completely: Make sure that Jacket is completely dry; even dampness can lead to mold growth, making temperature fluctuations in storage areas more pronounced.

    Inspection, Maintenance & Storage Rotation

    Even if stored properly, after some months, routine maintenance is necessary.

    Maintenance inspection:

    Inspect your jacket every month for signs of damage such as cracks and rips. Taking care of any repairs immediately will prevent further damage.


    Clean your leather jacket once every six months with a specialized cleaner made for leather items.

    Storage rotation:

    Rotate storage space throughout the year/seasons so that jackets are not exposed to excessive heat/cold/damp environments.

    In conclusion, by following these simple tips mentioned above you can store your favorite Leather Jacket with ease comfortably!

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