The Ultimate Guide to Storing Your Mattress in a Garage

Are you moving to a new place and need to store your mattress? Are you downsizing or renovating your home and need a safe spot for your bedding supplies? If so, then storing your mattress in the garage may seem like a good option. However, before you go ahead with this plan, there are certain things that you should keep in mind to ensure that your mattress stays protected from damage. In this blog post, we will take you through all the essential step-by-step instructions on how to store a mattress in a garage.

1. Clean Your Mattress

Before storing any household item for an extended period of time, it is crucial that they be cleaned thoroughly first. Similarly, if you want to store your mattress safely in the garage without worrying about mold or mildew growths or pests infesting it later down the line; then cleaning it becomes even more critical.

Start by vacuuming both sides of the bed carefully using an upholstery attachment tool. Doing so will eliminate any dust mites, pet hair, dirt particles and other allergens sitting on top of or inside its fibers.

For stains removal process check out our other blogs here on home remedies for stain removal from mattresses.

2. Wrap It With A Protective Cover

Once cleaned properly let’s move towards protecting our precious asset i.e., Mattress coverings available at most stores can protect against water damage and critters like mice and bugs chewing through fabric while also adding an extra layer against moisture accumulation inside due harsh weather conditions outside such as rain/snow/humidity fluctuations etcetera which might cause irreparable harm over time if allowed unchecked consequently damaging springs/foam within causing discomfort when slept upon thus rendering our sleeping surface useless leading us towards another expense altogether hence avoidable by investing some money while opting for these covers available online/in-stores alike according to one’s preferences budgetary constraints assumptions regarding future use etcetera.

3.Use Boards For Support

Once our mattress has been covered we need to ensure it stays that way by avoiding any pressure points which could cause sagging/stretching over time. Hence, placing some boards on the floor will provide a stable surface for your bed to rest on and distributing weight evenly throughout its structure while preventing potential damage from heavy items like furniture or boxes resting atop said flooring at times thus safeguarding sleeping surfaces of all kinds.

4.Keep The Mattress Elevated

Airflow is necessary in order to keep your mattress dry and prevent mildew growths. Therefore, keeping it off the ground is important; hence adding some elevation under our bed is essential as well as practical with both storage containers/inflatable beds providing ample lift & storage space beneath whilst allowing breathing room for your beloved bedding solutions.

5.Check On It Periodically

It’s crucial not only to store but also check up periodically every 3-6 months especially if left unused during extended periods of time/seasonal changes such as summer/winter when weather conditions are harsher than usual thereby ensuring no issues arise due moisture accumulation/mold growths resulting from neglect.

In conclusion, storing a mattress in a garage can be an excellent option if done correctly using proper covers/board support/elevation techniques while occasionally checking upon one’s assets thus keeping them safe secure ultimately protecting one’s investments leading towards sound sleep hygiene practices overall whilst avoiding unnecessary expenses down the line.

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