Tips for Winter Motorcycle Storage: Keep Your Bike Safe and in Great Condition

Winter is a difficult time for motorcyclists. The cold weather conditions make it challenging to ride, and the roads are often slippery, making it dangerous to be on two wheels. Therefore, many bikers choose to store their motorcycles during the winter months.

If you’re planning on storing your motorcycle this winter, there are some things that you need to do so that your bike will be ready when spring arrives. In this blog post, we’ll go through everything you need to know about how to store a motorcycle for winter.

1. Clean Your Motorcycle

The first step in preparing your motorcycle for storage is cleaning it thoroughly. Dirt and debris can corrode different parts of your bike if left unchecked over long periods of time, which could lead to expensive repairs later down the line.

Start by washing off all dirt and grime from the bodywork with soap and water before drying it completely with a cloth or towels. Then use a degreaser (like WD-40) on any exposed metal surfaces such as chains or exhaust pipes – these should also be dried off afterwards using clean rags.

2. Fuel Tank

Another essential part of preparing your bike for storage is attending carefully its fuel tank – Moisture in fuel tanks may cause rusting that could ultimately damage its engine components including carburetor jets as well as injectors thus making starting difficult come springtime!

To avoid this issue drain all gasoline out of the tank and run engines until they shut down due petrol starvation caused by lack thereof; however those who own injected models should refer back into user manual guidelines since disconnection battery may deactivate their electronic control units (ECUs).

3.Lubricate Moving Parts

Moving parts like chains & levers must have residual film of lubricant applied so as prevent them seizing up whilst stored away – Use high-quality lubricants suited specifically designed for each part . Lubrication prevents rust formation too while preventing friction that may cause wear or tear prematurely.

4. Battery Maintenance

Once your motorcycle is all cleaned and lubricated, the next step in storing it for winter is to take care of its battery. Like any other battery, a motorcycle’s power supply can die if left unused for long periods of time.

To avoid this issue disconnect the battery from the motorbike completely and store away indoors off-the-ground; failing that consider using a trickle charger suited specifically designed for bikes. Make sure you check on your bike at least once every couple weeks to ensure the charger maintains appropriate voltage levels necessary for operating conditions without causing overcharging which could damage bike’s electrical system parts.

5.Tire Pressure

Over-inflating tires before storage helps keep them from getting flat spots due lack usage over winter months thus elongating life span of tyres as well as avoiding need replacement sooner than expected – Check monthly basis especially since temperature fluctuations increase tyre pressure changes so always recheck before riding again come springtime!

6.Storage Location

Finally, choose an ideal location where to store your bike throughout winter season . Avoid damp areas possible exposure to elements like snow & rainwater accumulation , extreme heat sources such as heaters fireplaces etc.. Also wherever feasible use covers protecting bodywork against dust buildup possibly scratches during transportation when moved around until spring arrives!

To wrap up..

Storing your motorcycle properly in wintertime requires some preparation, but it will keep your beloved two-wheeler protected until spring comes along. Remember: cleaning and lubrication are key steps towards keeping rust formation at bay while also adding longevity & preventing breakdowns with proper fuel tank maintenance plus attention given tires’ air pressure beforehand; Lastly choosing wisely where store away ensures optimal preservation possible until ready ride out again with warmer temperatures ahead !

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