The Ultimate Guide on Storing Your Delicious Baked Pie

Baking a pie can be an enjoyable experience. Whether you are baking a summer fruit pie or a warm and cozy pumpkin pie, it is important to know how to store it properly after baking, so that it stays fresh for longer periods.

Cooling Your Pie Properly

After the pie has finished baking, let it cool down completely before storing. You can leave your freshly baked pie on a wire rack for about 1-2 hours until its internal temperature drops below 110°F. If the filling is too hot when stored, moisture will form inside the container and cripple the crust.

Leave The Pie In The Pan

Leaving your baked apple or cherry pies in their pans while cooling and storing them ensures they keep their shape better than they would if moved out of their pan prematurely using utensils like spoons etc., which may cause damage to them.

Wrap Your Pie Well

Once your baked pìe has cooled down entirely (either sitting at room temperature or refrigerated), wrap it tightly with plastic wrap ensuring no air pockets remain between layers in order to prevent freezer burn from developing on top of our beloved dessert’s exterior surface as well as avoiding any exposure towards leftover odors and flavors within other items found nearby in the fridge/freezer.

Choose Appropriate Storage Containers For Refrigeration/Freezing

When refrigerating leftovers such as meatloaf slices or individual servings of pudding cups one might consider utilizing Tupperware-like containers – but for larger goods like pies, cakes etc.. we recommend investing in high-quality containers specifically designed for these kinds of storage needs e.g: glass food preserving jars with rubber seals work wonders!

These are perfect choices because apart from keeping everything fresh by blocking light while still allowing visibility without opening containers frequently; Glass storage also helps keep contents fresh due to its non-reactive nature (meaning no interaction occurs between glass and your food), making it safer for long-term storage of baked goods.

Label Your Pie

If you are storing several pies at once, label them accordingly before putting them in the freezer. Simply use a marker or sticky note to write the pie’s name and date of baking on top of the plastic wrap. This way, you’ll always know which pie is which when you’re ready to enjoy them later on.


In conclusion, baking a perfect pie requires much more than just getting things right in the oven; proper storage plays an equally important role in order to maintain optimal taste and texture. Follow these steps above next time so that none of your delicious pies goes wasted because they were not stored correctly!

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