Tips for Properly Storing Your Prom Dress

Prom is undoubtedly one of the most important events in a young woman’s life. The dress that she chooses can make her feel like a princess and can be a symbol of memories that will last forever. However, after the big night is over, what do you do with your prom dress? Most girls tend to throw it in their closet or back into its bag without much thought.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to store a prom dress properly so that it remains beautiful and wearable for years to come.

Clean Your Prom Dress Before Storing It

Before storing your prom dress, it’s crucial to have it cleaned professionally. Even if there are no visible stains on your gown, chances are high that there could be dirt or sweat trapped deep within the fibers of the fabric. Leaving these particles unaddressed can lead to discoloration and damage over time.

When taking your dress for cleaning, ensure you choose an experienced cleaner who specializes in evening wear. This way, you get expert care for your stunning outfit.

Step 1: Check The Cleaning Instructions On The Label

Check the label on your gown before sending it off for cleaning as some fabrics require specific treatment methods when being cleaned

Step 2: Be Sure To Take Care Labels Seriously

Once clean (and dry), take heed of any care labels attached to your gown; they exist specifically to inform you about how best approach storage of such items

Fold It Properly

When folding away our dresses after use , we sometimes forget how delicate our materials really are . Folding incorrectly leads to creases which may cause permanent folds if not corrected properly .

To fold correctly ; first loosen up any tight spots by gently tugging at each end of the garment . Next lay out flat then fold carefully along the natural seams. followed by folding in half again and roll it up tightly.

Step 1: Store It Flat

To avoid awkward permanent creases, it is best to store your dress horizontally rather than standing upright.

Use A Garment Bag

Once you’ve folded up your prom dress, place it inside a high-quality garment bag. These bags are designed particularly for this purpose – storing formal gowns safely . Hanging dresses outside of these bags can cause material damage from exposure to light or dust .

Choosing one with a zipper ensures that your gown remains enclosed and secure within the storage bag; preventing any possible contamination which might occur from other fabrics

Step 1: Choose The Right Bag For Your Dress

Ensure that the garment bag selected is spacious enough to hold bulkier bespoke gowns/hard-to-fold outfits so as not to crush them .

Step 2: Keep Your Dress In A Dark And Dry Place

Avoid exposing your gown and its bag directly under sunlight to prevent color fading . Keeping both away from dampness will maintain the quality of fabric over time

The Bottom Line

Storing our cherished items correctly preserves their beauty for years after creation. When it comes down to preserving those special moments captured during our prom nights , we must take intentional steps towards proper storing techniques. With these tips listed above , keeping your treasured prom dresses in pristine condition has never been easier!

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