Expert Tips for Properly Storing a Sticky Bra

Sticky bras are a great alternative to traditional bras, especially when wearing strapless or backless clothing. However, many people struggle with how to properly store them after use. In this blog post, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to store your sticky bra for longevity.

Why Proper Storage Is Important

Proper storage of your sticky bra is crucial because it maintains its stickiness and shape for future uses. If not stored correctly, the adhesive may lose its effectiveness and cause discomfort during wear.

Clean Your Skin Before Storing

Before storing your sticky bra, make sure your skin is clean from any oils or lotions that may have accumulated throughout the day. Use gentle soap and water to remove any residue before proceeding.

Avoid Folding Or Crumpling The Bra Cups

The adhesive cups of a sticky bra are delicate and can easily lose their shape if folded or crumpled. To prevent this from happening, lay the cups flat against each other without touching the adhesive side together.

Use The Original Packaging Or A Similar Alternative

It’s always best to store your sticky bra in its original packaging as it provides protection from dust and dirt accumulation while keeping the cups in their proper form. If you no longer have access to the original packaging, use an alternative such as a small box or plastic container that fits the cup size.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures And Humidity

Exposure to extreme temperatures can weaken the adhesive properties of a sticky bra causing it not just lousy performance but also poor quality which could affect our skin upon usage; hence avoid leaving them near heat sources like radiators or under direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
Additionally humidity causes unwanted moisture buildup that could compromise adhesiveness so keep them away from damp areas like the bathroom and always check if they are completely dry before storing them.


Sticky bras are a convenient and comfortable option for many clothing styles. Proper storage is crucial to ensure their longevity, stickiness, and shape. By following these simple tips on cleaning your skin before storing, avoiding folding or crumpling the cups, using the original packaging or a similar alternative, and avoiding extreme temperatures and humidity you can maintain your sticky bra’s adherence in optimal conditions for future use.

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