Tips for Properly Storing Your Wedding Dress Before the Big Day

Your wedding dress is one of the most important elements of your big day. It represents not only your style and personality but also holds sentimental value that you’ll cherish for years to come. So, it’s no surprise that you want to ensure its safety and preservation before the wedding day arrives.

Storing a wedding dress may seem like an easy task, but there are certain steps you need to take to ensure it stays in perfect condition leading up to your big day. Here’s how:

Choose the Right Storage Spot

Choosing where to store your wedding dress is possibly the most crucial decision when it comes to preserving its quality. Ideally, this spot should be cool, dark, and dry – away from sunlight or any dampness. A spare room or closet with minimal humidity is perfect for storing a wedding dress.

Avoid basements or attics as they’re prone to fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels that can cause damage over time.

Invest in a Garment Bag

Once you’ve determined where you’ll store your gown, invest in a high-quality garment bag specifically designed for bridal gowns. Avoid using plastic bags; instead choose fabric ones such as cotton or muslin which allow air circulation while keeping dust away from the fabric.

Hang Your Dress Properly

When hanging your gown on a hanger inside the garment bag make sure not too much strain is placed on any particular part of the gown (such as shoulder straps). You don’t want these delicate parts tearing because of excess stress! Loosely drape silk dresses over soft material if necessary!

It’s best if possible not fold the gown and hang it instead so none of those creases form making easier cleaning later on down line when all eyes are focused solely upon this centerpiece during ceremonies/receptions alike!

Keep Away From Pets

As cute as your pets may be, it’s better to keep them away from your wedding dress. Pets have the tendency to shed hair and dander which can easily stick onto fabric fibers leading up to the big day. Keep your precious gown in a closed-off room where furry friends are not allowed.

Check on Your Dress Periodically

While you might be tempted to just toss the garment bag aside and forget about it until the week before your wedding, make sure you check on it periodically. Over time, fabrics can become discolored or develop stains that need immediate attention.

Check for any signs of yellowing, discoloration or damage such as tears, snags or holes.

If there’s anything amiss with your dress – get it professionally cleaned or repaired as soon as possible!

In conclusion: storing a wedding dress properly is crucial if you want to ensure its quality stays perfect until the big day arrives! Follow these simple steps and rest assured that your dress will look just as stunning when you walk down that aisle months after purchasing – whether indoors our out!

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