Effective Ways to Store Your Christmas Tree After the Holiday Season

The holiday season is over, and it’s time to pack up all the festive decorations. Among them, the most significant decoration that takes a lot of space in your house is a Christmas tree. Storing away a Christmas tree can be daunting if you don’t know how to do it properly. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to store away your Christmas tree safely.

Choosing the right storage facility

Before packing away your Christmas tree, make sure you have chosen the right storage facility for it. You should choose an area that has enough space and is dry and cool to prevent any damage from moisture or heat exposure.

Artificial Trees Storage

If you have an artificial Christmas Tree, there are two ways of storing it:

  • In its original box: If you still have its original box with Styrofoam inserts then use it again as they provide excellent support.
  • Purchase A Tree Bag: If not using original packaging then invest in purchasing a sturdy bag designed explicitly for trees.

Live Trees Storage

Storing live trees requires more effort than artificial ones due to their size and weight. Here’s how:

  • Cut down larger branches :To make storing easier without taking up much space remove bigger branches before moving forward towards wrapping up the rest of the trunk.
  • Burlap Wrapping:You can wrap burlap around roots or leave them as-is if they come balled-up till spring planting .For temporary winter storage ,roots need dampness so regularly moisten soil but avoid overwatering which may lead to fungus growth making roots unusable altogether when being taken out eventually.

Preparation for Storage

Before storing away your Christmas tree, there are a few steps you need to follow to ensure its safety.

Remove Lights and Decorations

The first step is to remove all the decorations and lights from the tree. Ensure that no loose ornaments or bulbs are hanging on branches before detaching any strings of lights.

Cleaning The Tree:

You may notice dust or debris from extended exposure. Use a soft brush or vacuum attachment with low suction power to gently clean leaves, needles, and branches without causing damage.

Packing Up the Tree

Once you have prepared your Christmas tree for storage, it’s time to pack it up properly.

Wrap It In A Sheet:

A large bedsheet can be used as an additional layer of protection over wrapping plastic wrap/bag after removing all ornaments & light strings.Some people like using old clothes too instead of sheeting as they provide extra cushioned support while packing.

< h3>Storage Container:
For artificial trees use original packaging box if possible but if not then specialized bags made for storing them will do just fine. For live trees root ball wrapped in burlap should put in thick garbage bag with tied handles securely tight around trunk end so soil doesn’t spill out while moving.


Storing a Christmas tree is simple if you know what steps to follow. By choosing the right storage facility, preparing the tree thoroughly, and packing it up correctly; your beloved decoration piece will remain safe throughout its off-season rest period.. Follow this guide above for better preservation next year when bringing out again!

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