The Proper Way to Store Bar Soap for Long-Lasting Use

Bar soaps have been a popular choice for personal hygiene since ancient times. They are easy to use, economical, and come in a variety of fragrances and textures. However, if you don’t store bar soap properly, it can lose its shape and become mushy or slimy. To make sure your soap lasts longer and stays fresh, here are some tips on how to store bar soap.

Choose the Right Soap Dish

The first thing you should consider when storing bar soap is the type of dish or container you’ll be using. The ideal dish for storing bar soap is one that allows it to drain excess water easily while keeping it dry between uses.

Avoid Plastic Soap Dishes

Plastic dishes may seem like an affordable option for storing your bars of soap but they’re not ideal as they trap moisture which causes the soap to soften or get mushy. Mold can also grow on plastic containers because they retain moisture; this will ultimately compromise the quality of your bar soaps leaving them covered in mold.

Opt For Ceramic Or Glass Dishes Instead

Ceramic or glass dishes do not absorb water compared with plastic material hence there’s less risk of accumulating moisture which results in softening or melting off  of your precious bars of soap . These materials also look stylish enough to display in any bathroom decor design.

Keep Your Soap Dry Between Uses

Leaving wet bar soaps lying around after use increases their chances of getting soggy leading often breaking apart during next usage no matter how durable and well molded they have been shaped.

Air It Out After Use

One way to keep your bar soaps from becoming too moist between uses is by letting them air out after each wash under natural sunlight preferably outdoors where ventilation is sufficient. This dries any residual moisture on the soap surface, thus keeping it dry.

Use a Soap Saver

A soap saver is an accessory that helps to keep your bar soaps dry and allows them to last longer by allowing more airflow around the soap. They come in different materials such as plastic, silicone or natural fibers like hemp which have porous qualities hence allowing air flow through it.

Store Your Soap Correctly

When storing your bar soap for long-term use, you need to make sure they are not exposed to humidity, heat or direct sunlight. Here’s how:

Wrap It Up

One way is wrapping up each bar of soap individually with a paper wrapper before storage . A paper wrapper helps absorb any excess moisture remaining after each usage process ensuring that the bars remain hard while being stored before next use.

Absorb Moisture With Rice Or Silica Gel Packs

Another option is storing your bars of soap along with rice within an enclosed jar or bag will ensure removal of any excess moisture enveloping them during storage period preventing from becoming mushy when used next.
Silica gel packs can also be included in the packaging before sealing; these pouches help absorb all forms of extra moisture surrounding the bars of soaps.


Using good quality bar soaps comes with a general responsibility of proper care if longevity and effective usage experience are in mind towards achieving overall satisfaction highly sought after by users. Therefore, by following these tips on proper storage practices for bar soaps outlined above one can easily avoid unnecessary purchase costs incurred due to damage caused unto their favorite bars making their efforts go down drains if left unchecked over time.

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