Storing Bare Root Strawberries: Tips Before Planting

Strawberries are popular fruits that can be easily grown in your garden. Before planting, it is important to learn how to properly store bare root strawberries. Bare root strawberries refer to strawberry plants that have been pulled out of the ground and sold without any soil attached to their roots.

If you do not plant them immediately after purchase, they need to be stored properly until planting time comes. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to store bare root strawberries before planting.

Tips on How to Store Bare Root Strawberries

Choose Freshly Dug Plants

When purchasing bare-root strawberry plants for storage, make sure they are freshly dug from the ground. The fresher the plant is, the longer it will last while in storage.

The best time to buy and store these types of plants should be a few days before spring or fall when you plan on planting them so they don’t remain too long unplanted in storage.

Remove Any Damaged Roots

Before storing your strawberry plants make sure that all damaged or dry roots are removed as well as any leaves cut down halfway—these parts of the plant tend not necessary for survival during dormancy periods but take up precious moisture and nutrients needed by healthy roots..

Trimming away damaged areas also prevents diseases from affecting other parts of your growing area including affecting healthy buds or shoots once planted back into soil beds where fungi can thrive more easily if there’s already an infection present due lack proper handling hygiene standards earlier received along supply chains prior arrival at consumers’ locations

Clean Your Plants

After removing damaged areas such as dried-out leaves (and stems), clean off excess dirt with water then let air dry completely before placing into preferred storage container(s).

Washing ensures removals harmful bacteria like moulds which cause decay on parts of the plant while also reducing moisture from clinging onto roots and other areas that can hasten rotting or disease growth.

When in doubt, use a 10% bleach solution to disinfect before storing your plants in containers—just make sure the solution is thoroughly rinsed off before planting since chlorine remnants may harm healthy soil microbes required for optimal plant growth.

Choose Appropriate Storage Containers

The type of container you choose for storage will depend on how long you plan to store bare-root strawberry plants. Plastic bags are best for short term storage (up to two weeks), but breathable mesh bags or brown paper bags provide better air circulation and keep them cooler- dry environment which provides favorable conditions for keeping them fresh longer up months until planting time..

Store Your Plants In A Cool And Dry Place

In order to extend the life of bare root strawberries, they need to be stored at a cool temperature between 0-5°C/32 -41°Fahrenheit degrees and away from direct sunlight. This helps prevent mold as well as reduce dehydration which causes wilting by way drying out nutrients needed during dormancy periods when no active photosynthesis occurs..

If you do not have access to a refrigerator or cellar, consider using an insulated box with ice packs inside—the latter being replaced daily once melted. Alternatively sealing gaps around openings with insulating foam material helps retain cooler temperatures within any enclosed space where bare root strawberry plants might be kept.


By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your bare-root strawberries remain fresh and healthy before planting. Remember that proper handling hygiene practices coupled adequate storage environments go hand-in-hand with providing optimal growing conditions even beyond dormant stage into full bloom season.. With minimal effort invested, it’s possible grow delicious juicy berries all year round thanks our guide above about how store bare root strawberries!

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