The Ultimate Guide to Storing Bare Root Strawberry Plants

Strawberries are a favorite among gardeners and berry enthusiasts alike. They are easy to grow, delicious to eat, and produce an abundant harvest. One way of growing strawberries is by using bare root plants. Bare root strawberry plants are dormant, meaning they have no leaves or flowers when you buy them. They come without soil around their roots so that they can be easily shipped and stored before planting.

In this article, we will discuss how to store your bare root strawberry plants until you’re ready to plant them.

Choosing the Right Storage Area

Before storing your bare root strawberries, it’s important to choose the right storage area. The ideal storage location should be cool (between 32-50°F), dark, and humid (around 90% humidity). You can store your strawberries in a refrigerator or a cool basement/cellar with high humidity levels.

In the Refrigerator

If you decide to store your bare root strawberries in the fridge, make sure they’re kept away from vegetables and other fruits as these release ethylene gas which could cause spoilage on delicate berries.

Wrap each plant individually in damp paper towels or burlap bags. This helps retain moisture while keeping any dirt off the plants’ exposed roots.

Place all wrapped up plants into a Ziploc bag sealed tightly; adding some air holes for ventilation is essential too! Keep this bag in a “crisper” drawer set at low temperatures – between 35ºF – 40ºF for best results

Note: Do not freeze the strawberry plants as doing so will kill them!

In A Cool Basement/Cold Room

If you prefer alternative options than refrigeration – like storing them out of kitchen fridges- storing your bare-rooted Strawberry plants in unheated basements or cold rooms is another option.

It’s crucial to ensure the area is dark and humid. Strawberry plants require moisture, so covering their roots with damp paper towels or burlap sacks will help maintain humidity around them.

Taking Care of Your Bare Root Strawberries

Bare root strawberry plants may look delicate without its soil-filled surroundings, but don’t be fooled! With proper care and storage techniques, your bare-rooted strawberries can thrive just as well as those planted in soil!

Here’s how you can take good care of your bare-rooted strawberry plants:


While storing them, it’s essential to keep the roots moist at all times – not too wet nor dry. This helps prevent dehydration which leads to plant death.

Dampen a newspaper or paper towel (not soaking) and wrap each strawberry plant individually before keeping in the Ziploc bags we mentioned earlier.

Open up these bags once every week for five minutes to check on both moisture levels and air ventilation. Add some more water if needed but make sure that there’s no standing water inside the bag

Checking for Spoilage

Check your stored strawberries every week or so. Doing this regularly helps catch any spoilage early enough before spreading throughout other berries nearby,

Discard any rotted/damaged parts immediately by carefully clipping them off using sterilized scissors


Storing bare-rooted Strawberry Plants is easy when done right – A cool, dark & humid environment is best for optimal growth while maintaining their health until planting time comes around.
By following our tips above such as wrapping individual bare root plants with dampened towels/newspapers then placing them in plastic zipper lock bags with ample air holes plus checking weekly – You’ll have healthy berry yielding Strawberry Plants ready when planting season arrives!

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