Effective Ways to Store Basil After Harvesting

Basil is a fragrant herb that adds flavor to dishes and provides numerous health benefits. However, it can be challenging to keep fresh after picking. If you’re wondering how to store basil after harvesting, this post will provide some tips on doing so.

The Best Ways to Store Basil After Picking

There are several ways you can store basil after picking it from your garden or purchasing it from the grocery store. Here are some of the most effective methods:

In Water

One popular way to keep basil fresh is by placing it in water as soon as you bring it inside. To do this, trim off the bottom of each stem at an angle and place them in a jar or vase filled with water.

Make sure only the stems are submerged in water and remove any leaves that touch the water’s surface since they’ll quickly decay. Change out old water for new every few days or when discoloration appears.

This method keeps your basil hydrated and healthy for up to a week.

In The Refrigerator

Refrigerating your basil is another simple option for keeping its freshness longer than room temperature storage permits. First, wrap unwashed but dry stems tightly in paper towels before proceeding further.

Next, put trimmed stems into plastic bags without sealing them entirely; leave one side open for ventilation purposes—placing these bags into the crisper drawer where there’s low humidity helps preserve their quality all week long.

Pro tip: Be careful not to crush leaves when handling them during preparation since bruises release oils leading towards decay faster than normal leaf upkeep would anticipate happening otherwise!

Frozen Basil Cubes

If you want freshly picked basil available year-round – consider freezing batches using ice cube trays! This method ensures delicate flavors maintain integrity despite storing over extended periods while being easy enough even novice cooks won’t feel intimidated by doing it themselves.

First, wash basil and remove any stems. Next, chop leaves finely before scooping into ice cube trays’ bottom compartments packed tightly with basil but not overfilling them.

Fill the remaining space with water or oil to hold the leaves together as they freeze. Once frozen solid, transfer cubes to an airtight container for long term storage in your freezer for up to 6 months!


Keeping fresh herbs like basil is easy after picking when you know how! Remember that moisture and airflow are essential factors in maintaining quality during storage so ensure each approach chosen accounts for both needs adequately.

By using these tips mentioned above – whether placing cuttings water or preserving refrigerated – you’ll be able to enjoy culinary creations featuring fragrant herb flavors all year round without sacrificing their freshness!

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