Properly Storing Bathing Suits: Tips and Tricks

Summer is here and that means it’s time to hit the beach or the pool. But, have you ever struggled with how to store your bathing suits? Whether you are storing them away for next season or just trying to keep them organized in between uses, there are a few tips and tricks that can help.

Why is Proper Bathing Suit Storage Important?

Before we dive into how to store your bathing suits, let’s talk about why it’s important. Proper storage not only helps extend the life of your swimwear but also ensures that they stay in good condition. Improperly stored swimsuits can lead to color fading, stretching out of shape, and even mildew growth.

Air Dry Your Swimsuit Before Storing

One important step in proper swimwear storage is making sure that your bathing suit has been properly washed and dried before being packed away. Once clean, hang up your swimsuit on a hanger or lay it flat on top of a towel or drying rack until completely dry.

Avoid Folding Your Swimsuits

Do not fold swimwear as this may cause creases which could damage fibers over time. Instead, roll up each piece gently before packing it away.

Store Them Separately

When storing multiple pieces together such as bikini tops and bottoms make sure they are separated from one another by placing tissue paper between them so they don’t stick together.

Pack Them In Airtight Bags

Place rolled-up swimwear in an airtight bag made for clothing storage like vacuum-sealed bags for efficient use of space while keeping clothes fresh smelling when packed correctly- just be careful not to squeeze too much air out!

Where To Store Bathing Suits?

After learning how best to store your swimsuits, it’s important to consider where you will keep them. Here are a few ideas:

Drawers or Shelves

If you have extra drawers or shelves in your closet, use them for swimwear storage. Just make sure they are clean and dry before placing your items inside.

Under the Bed Storage Containers

Another great option is under-bed storage containers that can easily slide out of sight when not in use.

Hanging Organizer

Lastly, consider using a hanging organizer specifically designed for storing swimwear. These organizers come with separate compartments making it easy to keep everything organized and easy to find when needed.


Properly storing bathing suits may seem like an unnecessary task but can ultimately save you money by extending the life of your favorite pieces. Follow these simple steps for proper storage: air dry before packing away, avoid folding, store separately with tissue paper between pieces, pack into airtight bags for efficiency sake while keeping clothes fresh smelling when packed correctly- just be careful not to squeeze too much air out! And remember where you choose to store them matters as well – whether it’s in drawers or shelves at home or using specialized organizers like under bed containers and hanging organizers – there is always an effective way to prolong their lifespan while ensuring they stay in good condition over time!

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