Effective Ways to Store Your Beauty Blenders for Longevity

Beauty blenders are an essential tool for any makeup enthusiast, but they can be tricky to store properly. If not stored correctly, your beauty blender can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. In this blog post, we will discuss the various ways to store your beauty blender safely so that it stays clean and hygienic.

Why is it important to store your beauty blender properly?

It’s crucial to store your beauty blender properly because it comes in contact with your skin every day. A dirty or moldy beauty blender could result in acne breakouts, irritations, rashes, or even infections. It’s best to take care of these small things before they turn into significant health concerns.

The Don’ts:

Before discussing how you should store a beauty sponge correctly let us clarify some things that are better avoided:

  • Do not leave damp sponges lying around on counters or inside drawers.
  • Avoid storing them near moist environments such as bathrooms.
  • Ditch resealable plastic bags since they trap moisture inside.

The Dos:

Here are five different ways you can keep your beauty blenders clean and hygienic:

Sponge Holder:

One way to keep the sponge dry after use is by keeping it in a designated holder. There are several holders available specifically designed for holding sponges like Beautyblender Instaclean Sponge & Brush Cleansing Set and The Original MakeUp Eraser Sponge Cleanser . These holders also allow good air circulation which dries out any moisture present inside the sponge.

Airtight Container:

Another safe way of storing a makeup sponge would be using an airtight container which will limit exposure to humidity that may cause mildew or bacteria. You can opt for small containers like the quick-drying BEAKEY Makeup Sponge Case or larger options like Real Techniques Travel Essentials Storage Case.

Portable Sponge Holder:

If you need to travel with your beauty blender, try using a portable holder that is compact and lightweight. These types of holders have ventilation holes allowing sponges to dry quickly while preventing any growth of bacteria.

Mesh Bag:

Another way to store your sponge after use would be putting it into a mesh bag which will help air out moisture while still protecting the sponge from dirt and dust. Carrying a pouch in your purse or gym bag can provide additional protection against germs and other environmental factors.

Cleaning Your Beauty Blender

In addition to storing your beauty blender properly, it’s essential to clean it regularly before storage (ideally after every use). Cleaning helps eliminate makeup residue, oil buildup, and other debris on the surface of the sponge—thereby reducing bacterial growth that leads to infection.

An easy method for cleaning makeup tools is by using gentle soaps like Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar Soap . Wetting the bar under running water then rubbing gently over damp sponges until they lather up in foam helps remove all traces of foundation, blush, highlighter etc.

The Bottom Line

Storing your beauty blenders correctly is vital for maintaining their longevity while keeping them safe from harmful bacteria. While there are multiple ways you can store these makeup tools – such as sponge holders, mesh bags- each option comes down personal preference and lifestyle choices. Remember always clean them frequently!

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