The Ultimate Guide to Properly Storing Your Big Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are a beloved childhood toy for many of us, and we often want to continue cherishing them as adults. Big teddy bears can be particularly special due to their size and sentimental value. However, storing them can be a challenge because of their bulkiness. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to store big teddy bears properly.

Choose the Right Storage Container

The first step in storing your big teddy bear is choosing the right storage container. Pick a container that is large enough to accommodate your bear without cramming it inside. Ideally, you should choose a container that is at least two inches larger than the dimensions of your bear.

It’s also important to choose a container made from breathable material like cotton or linen so that air can circulate inside it and prevent moisture buildup. Avoid using plastic containers as they trap moisture which could cause mold growth.

Clean Your Bear Before Storage

Before you put your teddy bear in storage, make sure it’s clean because dirt and dust particles could attract pests like bugs or mice that could damage its fur or stuffing over time. Use warm water with mild soap and gently brush off any grime present on the surface.

After cleaning it, let it dry completely before placing it in the storage bin. If possible avoid keeping stuffed animals near food items; if there happens an infestation by rats or insects then they would find themselves close enough to nibble away at both foodstuff and plushies!

Add Some Protection

To keep your big teddy bear safe while in storage, add some protection around it such as bubble wrap or soft cloths such as fleece blanket . Wrapping each part separately will secure better protection for specific parts like eyes nose etc when they hit against other things during transportation.

The extra padding will help prevent any damage from bumps or drops that might occur during storage or moving to different locations. Place a sheet of acid-free tissue paper between the bear’s fur and clothes so that dye transfer doesn’t occur over time.

Keep It Dry and Airy

Lastly, make sure your big teddy bear is stored in a dry and airy place where there are no chances of moisture accumulation. Avoid storing stuffed animals in basements, garages, attics or damp areas like laundry rooms because they could be prone to flooding which would invite mold growth over time.

If you want to keep it in an attic then use proper insulation materials that can keep moisture out while letting air circulate through the area. If possible try packing them up near windows so they get some sunlight every once in awhile too!


Storing your big teddy bear doesn’t have to be difficult when you follow these tips. Choose the right container made of breathable material with enough space for your toy without overcrowding it; clean everything beforehand using mild soap and warm water; add some extra protection around each part especially if they’re delicate parts such as eyes nose etc.; lastly store them away from moisture-prone areas like basements, garages or attics but ensure plenty fresh airflow is available at all times no matter what! With care, your beloved bear can stay safe until you’re ready to take him out again!

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