Best Ways to Store Blood Oranges for Freshness and Flavor

Blood oranges are known for their striking red flesh and unique flavor. This delicious fruit is perfect on its own or as a tasty addition to salads, cocktails, and desserts. However, they do have a shorter shelf life than regular oranges due to their higher sugar content and delicate nature. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to store them properly so that you can enjoy them for longer.

Room temperature storage options

If you plan on consuming your blood oranges within the next few days, storing them at room temperature is an excellent option. You should keep the fruit in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources such as radiators.

On the counter

Place blood oranges in a bowl or basket lined with paper towels or cloth napkins if you wish to display them artistically such as when entertaining guests. Ensure that this container has enough airflow around the fruits because overcrowding leads to bruising.

In pantry/ cupboard

Another option is keeping your blood oranges together with other non-perishable items such as onions and garlic which will help absorb any excess moisture around the fruit; thus preventing spoilage due to damp conditions.

Cold storage options

If you don’t intend on using up all of your blood oranges within four days after purchasing them, then refrigeration can help extend their shelf life significantly

In refrigerator crisper drawer:

A crisper drawer in your fridge provides optimum humidity levels required by citrus fruits like Blood Oranges; however be sure not overfill it since overcrowding prevents proper air circulation leading to mold development

Ensure that there aren’t any sharp objects nearby (like knives) that could accidentally puncture one of these juicy gems!

Vacuum Sealed bags:

If you prefer minimal investment to store your blood oranges Vacuum sealing bags can be a great option; seal each fruit separately, ensuring they are entirely dry before placing them in the bag.

Preparation Before Storage

There are some precautionary measures you should take when preparing your blood oranges for storage.

Rinse properly

Ensure that you rinse each of the fruits thoroughly under running water and pat-dry using paper towels or cloth napkins. Moisture is one of the leading triggers of mold growth.

Avoid direct sunlight

Keep Blood Oranges away from direct sunlight since it causes spoilage too quickly due to sun’s heat

Inspect Regularly

Check your stored Blood Oranges regularly to ensure there isn’t any development of bacteria, mold spores or inspects- these could ruin all other fruits in close proximity


Storing blood oranges is not rocket science but requires some little care and caution to keep their freshness intact. With proper preparation and suitable storage options as discussed above, you can enjoy your favorite citrus fruit for more extended periods than imagined!

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