Tips for Properly Storing Books in Storage Spaces

If you’re an avid book collector or simply need to store some books due to lack of space, then storage facilities are a great option. However, storing books in these facilities requires special care and attention. In this blog post, we’ll share tips on how to store books in storage facilities so they remain in good condition for years.

Choose the Right Storage Unit

The first step is choosing the right storage unit for your books. Ideally, look for climate-controlled units as it helps maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level which prevents mold growth and damage caused by extreme temperatures.

Consider Shelf Space Available

When selecting a storage unit, consider the shelf space available inside. Make sure there’s enough room between shelves to avoid damaging the spines of your books when placing them upright.

Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight exposure can cause fading and discoloration of book covers over time. Therefore, choose a location within your storage facility that’s not exposed directly to sunlight.

Clean Your Books Before Storing Them

It’s best practice to clean your books before storing them away as dust accumulation can attract pests such as silverfish or bookworms that feed on paper products.

Use Soft Brushes & Dry Cloth

To clean your books use soft brushes or dry cloth gently brushing off any dirt from their surfaces without causing any damage. Avoid using water or other cleaning solutions unless recommended by experts on rare materials preservation advice websites like

Pack Your Books Properly For Storage

Once all the necessary preparation measures have been taken care of its time pack up everything neatly into boxes specially designed for long term archive properties.

Protective Covers & Acid-free Paper/Cloth Wrapping Sheet.

Books should be wrapped with protective covers and acid-free paper/cloth wrapping sheets to shield against dust accumulation, moisture damage caused by humidity levels. Acid-free materials help preserve your books’ pages from yellowing over time.

Label Your Boxes

Label each box with the contents inside clearly marked for ease of identification when retrieving them later. You can also use this opportunity to organize your books based on authors or subject matter.

Frequently Check On Your Books

It’s essential to check up on your books periodically as some may require special care or adjustments depending on conditions within the storage facility.

Avoid Overcrowding & Re-Organize If Necessary

If you notice any overcrowding in one particular area, consider reorganizing boxes to prevent stress upon the spines of your precious volumes.


Properly storing books in a storage facility requires careful attention. The location chosen should be climate-controlled with adequate shelf space available while avoiding direct sunlight exposure. Regular cleaning before packing into protective covers and using acid-free paper/cloth wrapping sheets will protect against dust accumulation, moisture damage, and ensure long-term preservation of valuable reading materials. Remember to frequently check up on your stored items since certain additional requirements might arise as time passes so that they remain in excellent condition for years to come!

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