The Ultimate Guide to Storing Cake Before Frosting: Tips and Tricks

If you’re a baking enthusiast or simply love indulging in sweet treats, you know that the frosting on top of your cake is just as important as the cake itself. However, before you slather on that creamy layer of frosting, it’s crucial to make sure that your cake is properly stored to ensure its freshness and flavor. In this blog post, we’ll provide tips and tricks for storing your cake before frosting it.

1. Allow Your Cake to Cool Completely

Before even thinking about storing your cake, it’s essential to let it cool down completely. This will prevent any condensation from forming inside the container or wrapping material you use which can cause moisture buildup on your cake. Moisture can lead to mold growth and spoilage which could ruin all of your hard work making the perfect bake.

Use a Wire Rack:

Place freshly baked cakes onto a wire rack after taking them out of their pans so they have proper air circulation and cool down evenly.

Avoid Sealing Warm Cakes:

Never seal warm cakes! Trapping warm air inside an enclosed space along with warmth from freshly baked items can cause spoilage through condensation buildup.

2. Choose The Right Container

Choosing the right storage container will help keep out unwanted elements while preserving freshness

Cake Dome/Pedestal:

A great option if you plan on displaying or serving within hours after resting cooled at room temperature under 65 degrees F (18 degrees Celsius).

Airtight Plastic Wrap:

Using cling wrap over tightly wrapped foil gives added protection against freezer burn or drying out!

4 Tips To Store Your Cake Before Frosting

Once You’ve chosen how best to store- Use these tips for maximum Freshness:

1) Find An Ideal Location: A cool and dry location such a cooler corner of your kitchen or pantry is ideal. Avoid storing near direct sunlight or on top of the oven, as it can cause potential melting.

2) Shield The Cake: Wrap your cake with plastic wrap to create a seal barrier between the frosting and outside air exposure.

3) Place It In A Suitable Container: Containers with lids provide added protection against humidity.

4) Freeze Your Cakes: If you’re not planning on immediately using up your cake for an event, place it in an air-sealed container and store it in the freezer for several weeks. Defrost before adding frosting!


Storing cakes before frosting requires care if you want to keep your baked treats fresh and delicious. Remember always to wait until they’ve cooled completely, choose the right storage containers, freeze if needed, and shield them properly while keeping them in suitable locations. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy a piece of perfectly frosted cake every time!

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