The Ultimate Guide to Storing Candied Apples for Long-Lasting Freshness

Candied apples are a delicious treat enjoyed by many people worldwide. They are perfect for any occasion, be it Halloween or Christmas. Candied Apples have a sweet and crunchy texture that makes them irresistible to most people.

However, storing candied apples can be quite tricky as they tend to lose their crunchiness and stickiness over time. This blog post will guide you on how to properly store your candied apples to ensure they stay fresh and tasty for longer.

The Best Way To Store Candied Apples

1. Refrigeration is Key

One of the best ways to store your candied apples is in the refrigerator. Keeping your candied apples cold helps maintain their consistency and flavor. Once you’ve finished making your candy-coated treats, let them cool completely before wrapping each apple individually with plastic wrap.

Once wrapped up individually, place all the wrapped candies in an airtight container before keeping them in the fridge.

2. Keep Them Air-Tight

Keeping air away from your candied applies plays a crucial role in maintaining their freshness even when refrigerated. It keeps moisture away from the candy coating which could make it sticky or soggy over time.

Therefore, seal all cannies tightly using Ziploc bags or Tupperware containers before placing them into the fridge for storage.

3.Avoid stacking

Always avoid stacking candies one on top of another as this causes pressure against other fruits which might interfere with their shape leading some cracking due to stress while at rest.
Consider having enough space between each fruit so that air can circulate freely around every piece stored within these containers; thus enhancing longevity without comprising quality standards!

You may also choose alternative options like specially designed boxes with individual compartments but ensure there’s no contact between fruits during storage

4. Keep Them Out of Direct Sunlight

Candy apples should not be kept in direct sunlight or high temperatures as heat can make the candy coating to melt and stick together, ruining the apple’s texture.

Therefore, store your candied apples in cool and dry places like fridge interiors or pantries away from windowsills to avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.

The Best Time To Eat Candied Apples

1. Within One Week Of Storage

After a week of storage, candied apples will start losing their taste and freshness. Therefore it is best to consume them within one week of storage.

2. Reheating Your Candies

If you have stored your candies for too long, consider reheating them before consumption. This will help restore their texture and flavor back to how they were before being stored hence giving that freshly made feel once again


Properly storing your candied applies guarantees that they remain fresh for longer periods while retaining their original flavor intact.
Refrigeration, air-tight containers with individual compartments are key tips towards achieving optimal storage conditions.
Next time you decide on making some candy-coated treats at home go ahead knowing how well suited the tips above are going to benefit you!

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