Tips for Winter Storage of Canna Bulbs

Canna lilies are beautiful flowering plants that bloom in the summer and fall. However, if you live in a region with cold winters, you need to store the bulbs during this season to ensure they survive until spring. In this blog post, we will discuss how to properly store canna bulbs during winter.

When To Store Canna Bulbs?

The best time to dig up and store canna bulbs is after the first frost of fall. This ensures that all foliage has died back, and the bulbs have entered their dormant stage.

Preparing The Bulbs For Storage

Before storing your canna bulbs for winter, it’s essential to prepare them correctly. Follow these steps:

1. Dig Up The Bulbs: Using a garden fork or shovel, dig around the perimeter of each plant carefully and lift it out of the ground.
2. Clean The Bulbs: Gently shake off any excess soil from each bulb and use a soft-bristled brush or cloth to remove any remaining dirt or debris.
3. Cut Back Foliage: Trim away any remaining stems or leaves so that only an inch or two remain above the bulb.
4. Dry Out The Bulbs: Place your cleaned up canna bulbs somewhere warm (around 70°F) for several days until completely dry.

The Right Container For Storing Canna Lily Bulbs

With your dried-out cannas ready for storage attention must be given on what type of container/bag will be used for storing them overwinter.

Choose opaque bags made from paper (not plastic) when packing cannas because plastic ones may encourage moisture retention leading to rotting which makes it risky trying out reusable shopping bags as alternatives.

Alternatively one could opt-out using excellent quality cardboard boxes with enough air holes punched into its sides creating space between layers of bulbs to prevent any decay.

Storing The Bulbs In A Cool, Dry Place

It’s essential to store your canna bulbs in a cool and dry place that won’t freeze. An ideal location is an unheated garage or basement where temperatures range from 40-50°F, with low humidity levels around 50%.

When storing the bulbs, make sure they are not touching each other as this can lead to rotting. Instead, arrange them in a single layer on top of the storage material (sawdust, peat moss or perlite) and cover them with another layer of the same material.

Checking On Stored Canna Lily Bulbs

During winter months check on stored cannas once every month ensuring no mold has developed some growers will do well to check more frequently as it varies based on conditions in which it is kept

If you find any signs of mold or soft spots growing out on your prized bulb discard them immediately before further spreading into other healthy ones.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, learning how to properly store your canna lily bulbs over winter is crucial for their survival so they’ll bloom beautifully again in springtime! By following these steps outlined above you should be successful getting through winter without issues affecting plants.

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