Storing Canna Bulbs for Winter: Tips and Tricks

Cannas are beautiful tropical plants that bloom with big, colorful flowers. They’re perfect for adding a splash of color to your garden during the summer months. However, if you live in a colder climate where winters are harsh, you’ll need to remove the bulbs from the ground and store them indoors until spring comes around again. In this post, we’ll go over how to properly store cannas bulbs for the winter.

When to Dig Up Cannas Bulbs

The ideal time to dig up your canna bulbs is after the first frost has killed off all of the foliage above ground. This usually happens sometime in late fall or early winter depending on where you live. The frost helps trigger dormancy in the plant which makes it easier for you to safely remove and store its bulb.

How to Dig Up Cannas Bulbs

To dig up cannas bulbs, start by using a shovel or spade fork and carefully loosen up soil around each clump without damaging any roots. Lift out each clump while keeping as much soil attached as possible so that any remaining feeder roots won’t be damaged.

Once they’re out of the ground, use pruning shears or scissors to cut away any remaining stems or leaves down until there’s only about an inch left on top of each bulb.

Finally inspect each bulb closely for signs of disease or damage such as softness spots discolorations pests like slugs snails spider mites thrips scales mealybugs worms rats etc., before moving onto storing them.

Drying and Prepping Cannas Bulbs For Storage

Before packing away cannas bulbs into storage containers make sure they’re completely dry before doing so with at least 24 hours worth air circulation (some may stay damp longer due location humidity). Leaving wet tissue damages their tissues via rot and fungal growth.

After bulbs have dried out, remove any excess soil by gently brushing it away or shaking them over a newspaper to collect fallen dirt. Once clean, place each bulb into individual containers (eg plastic grocery bags with holes punched in for ventilation) or simply stacked inside the same box . Keep them separate using pieces of paper towel between layers to prevent bruising.

Storing Cannas Bulbs Over Winter

Find a cool, dark location like a basement crawlspace garage shed closet or pantry that stays at 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months. Make sure to keep your stored cannas bulbs away from areas such as radiators direct sunlight vents drafts moisture and/or pests that could damage them easily.

Check on your stored bulbs every few weeks throughout winter to make sure they’re staying dry don’t develop moldy spots rot smell bad etc., which can indicate problems such as lack humidity too much warmth light air current infection by fungus insect rodents etc..

Tips for Replanting Cannas Bulbs in Spring

When spring arrives, bring your stored cannas bulbs back out into the light and give them some water so they can start sprouting again naturally. After about two weeks of care indoors begin moving pots outside but first harden off plants outdoors before full exposure after remaining frost-free temperatures are holding up consistently above freezing level 32F/0C° minimum .

When transferring replanted cannas outdoors its important gradually expose new growth extra sunlight workfully until fully adjusted being careful not disturb growing tips underground root system while doing so because cutting roots will set back their growing cycle quite significantly..

In conclusion storing cannas bulb is an easy process once you know how do it properly! Follow these tips on when best time dig up drying prepping packing storing then checking address issues if needed upon inspection periodically through colder months ahead… soon enough will have all those vibrant tropical blooms back in force next season.

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