Tips for Properly Storing Cannas Bulbs

Canna bulbs are a popular choice for gardeners who want to add some color and texture to their outdoor space. These tropical plants are known for their large, showy flowers and lush foliage. Cannas are easy to grow, but they do require some special care when it comes to storage during the winter months. In this blog post, we will discuss how to store cannas bulbs so you can enjoy them year after year.

Why Store Cannas Bulbs?

Before we dive into the details of how to store cannas bulbs, let’s first talk about why it’s important. Cannas are native to tropical regions, which means they cannot withstand cold temperatures below freezing. If you live in an area with harsh winters or if your growing season is short, storing your cannas bulbs is crucial for their survival.

When Should You Store Cannas Bulbs?

The best time to dig up and store your cannas bulbs is in late fall before the first frost. Once the foliage begins to turn yellow or brown and die back naturally, it’s a sign that the plant has started its dormancy phase.

How To Dig Up Your Canna Bulbs

To prepare your cannas for storage, start by digging up the entire plant using a fork or shovel. Be sure not to damage the underground tubers as these contain all of the nutrients needed for next year’s growth. Remove any excess soil from around each bulb carefully without cutting into them.
Next place your dug-up canna clumps upside down on newspaper sheets making sure each little stem dries out totally ready before storing them away.

Cleaning The Canna Bulbs

Once you’ve dug up your cannas bulbs lift off any remaining soil then gently wash each bulb with water — no soap required! You can even add a drop of bleach to your rinse water for added protection against fungus or bacteria.

Drying Your Canna Bulbs

After you’ve washed your cannas bulbs, they need to dry completely before storing. Lay them out in a warm, dry place like an airing cupboard or garage with good airflow for several days until the excess moisture evaporates.

How To Store Canna Bulbs

Once your cannas bulbs are dry, it’s time to store them. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to store cannas bulbs:

1. Choose a storage container: Cannas bulbs need to be stored in a cool and dark place that has good ventilation.
2. Add some peat moss: Cover the bottom of the container with some dampened peat moss (not too wet!)
3. Arrange the bulbs: Place each bulb in the container carefully making sure not to squash any.
4. Separate layers with more peat moss – adding enough so that no two cane-like stems touch during storage
5.Seal tightly – but make sure there’s still air flow through small holes.
6.Label : Label each container with plant name plus date dug up and remember those labels will come into their own next year when you know what’s what!
7.Store away from hot spots where temperatures don’t dip below freezing mark.


Cannas are beautiful tropical plants that require special care when it comes to winter storage if you want them around next season! Be sure not forget these essential steps:
– Dig up entire plants after foliage yellows
– Clean off soil then gently wash without soap
– Dry thoroughly avoiding direct sunlight
– Store cool/dark area covered by dampened perlite/peat mixture overlaid between layers onto another layer
By following these simple tips on how to store cannas bulbs correctly, you’ll be able to enjoy these gorgeous flowers year after year.

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