Expert Tips for Storing Cannas During Winter Season

If you are a cannas enthusiast, you know how beautiful and vibrant these plants can be. With their bright colors and tropical vibes, they can add a touch of exotic beauty to any garden. However, if you live in an area with harsh winters, storing your cannas properly is crucial for their survival. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of storing your cannas for the winter so that they can bloom again next spring.

When to Store Your Cannas

The best time to store your cannas is after the first frost of fall. This usually happens around October or November depending on where you live. Before storing them away, make sure that all the foliage has died back completely.

Digging Up Your Cannas

Once your plants have died back fully it’s time to dig up those tubers! Use a spade fork or shovel to carefully lift each plant from beneath its roots without causing any damage – it’s important not to cut or crush them as this could cause infection and spoilage during storage season later on down the line.

Cleaning The Tubers

After digging up your tubers use something soft like an old toothbrush or sponge dipped in water (avoid wetting too much) gently clean off dirt debris from each one carefully inspecting their condition along the way – dispose of any damaged parts immediately

Storing Your Tubers For Winter

After cleaning and checking over each tuber closely for signs of rot or decay (including visible mold), keep them somewhere cool dry dark place such as basement area 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit avoiding direct sunlight which actually shortens lifespan by encouraging early sprouting before planting season arrives.

Another option would be putting them into wooden crate filled with slightly moist sawdust then cover loosely so air still circulates properly inside. Be sure to check on them every 3-4 weeks to keep them from drying out too much or getting moldy.

Replanting Your Cannas In Spring

When spring arrives and temperatures start warming up, it’s time to replant your cannas! Take each tuber out of storage carefully and inspect for any signs of rot or disease – discard immediately if any appear damaged beyond repair.

Before planting, soak each tuber in a bucket filled with water for about an hour before placing it into the ground – this helps hydrate roots so they can start growing sooner after transplanting which means you’ll see those gorgeous flowers returning faster than ever imagined.

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