A Guide to Properly Storing Chains for Longevity and Maintenance

Chains are an essential part of our daily lives, whether it be for securing valuable items or adding a fashion statement to your outfit. However, storing chains can sometimes become a hassle. Chains can easily get tangled and cause frustration when you’re trying to untangle them. In this blog post, we will provide some useful tips on how to store chains effectively.

Use A Jewelry Box

The most common way people store their chains is by using a jewelry box specifically designed for storing necklaces and bracelets. These boxes usually have hooks that enable you to hang multiple chains without tangling them together.

Separate The Chains

When placing the chain in the jewelry box, make sure each chain has its hook and space so that they do not get tangled with one another. If there are too many chains available, consider investing in separate boxes or dividers within the same box.

Clean Your Jewelry Before Storing It

Before placing your chain in the jewelry box, ensure it’s clean from any dirt or debris that might damage the metal quickly if left uncleaned over time.

Hang Them On Hooks Or Hangers

Another effective way of storing your chains is by hanging them on hooks or hangers made specifically for holding necklaces and bracelets securely.

Hung In A Closet Area:

Consider installing hooks on closet walls where you can hang several necklaces at once without taking up too much space.

Hanging On A Dressing Table:

Another option would be hanging different lengths of necklace holders from a dressing table’s edge which will provide easy access while getting ready every day.

Create DIY Storage Solutions For Necklaces

There are various ways to create DIY storage solutions for necklaces that will save you money and space.

Hanging Board:

You can create a hanging board by using cork or foam boards and inserting hooks to hang your necklaces on. This solution is ideal for those who have limited drawer space or do not want to invest in a jewelry box.

Mason Jars:

Another fun DIY project would be decorating mason jars and placing your chains inside them. You could use different size jars depending on how many chains you have, providing an aesthetically pleasing storage option while saving counter space simultaneously.


Storing chains effectively does not need to be exhausting, as there are various options available according to the amount of jewelry you own and the space available. With these tips, storing your necklaces becomes more manageable than ever before!

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