The Best Ways to Store Charcoal Outdoors for Long-lasting Use

Charcoal is an excellent fuel for grilling, smoking, and cooking. It’s a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and people who love to host barbeque parties. But storing charcoal outside can be tricky as it can get damp or wet due to weather conditions. In this blog post, we will discuss some practical tips on how to store charcoal outside so that you never run out of fuel during your next grilling session.

Choose the right storage container

The first step in storing charcoal outside is to choose the right storage container. Airtight containers made of plastic or metal are ideal for keeping moisture away from the charcoal. You can also use large buckets with tight-fitting lids or trash cans with locking lids.

Use a dry location

Once you have chosen the right container for storing your charcoal, make sure that you keep it in a dry location such as a shed, garage, or covered porch. Avoid leaving it directly exposed to sunlight or rain as this can cause moisture buildup which will ruin your fuel.

Keep bags sealed

If you prefer buying pre-packaged bags of charcoal instead of loose ones, ensure that they are tightly sealed before storing them in their original packaging or transferring them into another air-tight container.

Do not mix old and new charcoals

When refilling your storage containers with new bags of charcoals do not mix them with leftovers from previous sessions since doing so would result in varying degrees of combustion rate causing uneven heat distribution while cooking food.

Store away from flammable items

It’s important to keep any flammable materials far from where you’re going to store your charcoal including oil-based liquids like gasoline and lighter fluid since these may catch fire if ignited by stray sparks when lighting up coals

Avoid using chemical substances near charcoal

Also avoid using any chemical substances like insecticides or pesticides near your storage area as they may contaminate the charcoals, resulting in harmful toxins when used for cooking.

Keep an eye on humidity levels

Lastly, it’s essential to monitor the humidity levels of where you store your charcoal. You can use a hygrometer to check if there is too much moisture inside the container. If so, you can place some silica gel packets or rice grains inside to absorb excess moisture and keep the charcoal dry.

In conclusion, storing charcoal outside requires a little bit of planning and care but following these simple tips will guarantee that you’ll always have a steady supply of fuel ready for grilling whenever you need it. Remember to choose an air-tight container placed in a dry location away from flammable items and chemicals while monitoring humidity levels periodically. Follow these basic guidelines and enjoy deliciously grilled food without fail!

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