How to Properly Store Cherries After Picking for Long-Lasting Freshness

Summertime is the perfect season for cherry picking, and what’s better than a basket full of freshly picked cherries? However, if you want to enjoy their juicy flavor for more than just a few days, you need to learn how to store them properly. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through all the necessary steps on how to store cherries after picking.

Choose Fresh Cherries

Before diving into storage methods, it’s vital to select fresh and high-quality cherries. The fruit should be firm with shiny skin and bright color. Avoid any signs of decay or damage such as bruises or blemishes – this could lead to faster spoilage.

Wash Them Gently

Rinse your cherries under running water before storing them – but do it gently! Excessive handling can cause bruising and degrade freshness. Use a colander or strainer for easy washing without damaging the fruits.

Dry Them Thoroughly

After washing your cherries, make sure they’re completely dry before storing them in any container. Moisture can expedite spoilage and encourage mold growth. You can use paper towels or kitchen cloths to pat dry each cherry individually carefully.

Use Airtight Containers & Bags

Cherries are highly perishable fruits that require adequate protection from air and moisture exposure during storage. Choose containers that seal tightly enough when closed – Tupperware boxes are ideal options since they come with an airtight lid.

Alternatively, re-sealable plastic bags also work great as long as you squeeze out excess air before sealing them tightly shut using fingers or vacuum packaging tools. These will help extend the shelf life by reducing oxygen levels inside which slows down aging processes like oxidation.

Add Paper Towels As Buffer Zone

When packing your cherries in a container, add a layer of paper towels at the bottom and between each layer to absorb any excess moisture. This will help maintain their texture by keeping them dry and fresh.

Store Them In The Refrigerator

Once your cherries are packed securely in an airtight container or bag, place them in the fridge’s crisper drawer – it’s the coolest place with maximum humidity level that ensures they stay fresh for longer.

Avoid Overcrowding

Make sure you don’t overcrowd your cherry storage container as this can cause fruit damage. Ensure enough space between each fruit so air can circulate freely around them, which helps keep them from spoiling too soon.

Frequently Check For Spoilage

Even when stored correctly, cherries still have a limited shelf life of about 1-2 weeks. Hence, it’s essential to check for spoilage regularly and promptly discard any affected fruits before they contaminate others.

Look For Signs Of Decay & Mold Growth

Inspect your cherries frequently for signs of decay such as shriveling, browning or softness. Also look out for mold growth – if one cherry shows evidence of mold formation that is spreading through other fruits quickly remove all contaminated ones immediately along with cleaning up entire storage area appropriately.


Storing cherries properly is key to preserving their juicy flavor and texture after picking. With these tips on how to store cherries after picking; choosing fresh produce, washing gently but thoroughly drying before packing into containers/bags with proper buffer zones & sealing tightly while avoiding overcrowded situations over frequent checks against spoilage by looking out for signs like shriveling or visible mold growth – you’ll be able to enjoy delicious and refreshing treats throughout summertime!

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