The Best Ways to Store Your China Safely and Securely at Home

China, also known as porcelain, is a delicate and beautiful type of dishware that requires proper storage to maintain its elegance. Whether it’s a family heirloom or a set you’ve recently purchased, keeping your china in good condition can save you money on replacements over time. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best ways to store your china so that it lasts for generations.

Choose the Right Storage Space

The first step to storing china properly is finding the right space for it. You want somewhere dry, cool, and dark with little humidity and no direct sunlight. Attics and basements may seem like natural storage places but they have high humidity levels which can be damaging to fine bone china over time.

When choosing where to store your dishes:

Avoid Damp Areas:

Excess moisture will cause damage by staining or weakening the ceramic material of your porcelain dishware.

Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Direct sunlight will fade any colored decoration on your Chinese porcelain plates making them appear less vibrant than when you bought them initially.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes:

Large temperature fluctuations should be avoided because changes in temperature cause expansion – contraction cycles which lead eventually to cracks appearing on China’s glazing surface.

Once you’ve found an appropriate location with suitable conditions:

Clean Your China Before Storing

Before storing away your fine dinnerware make sure that each item is completely dry and free from any dirt or food particles before packing it away.

Here are some steps to follow in cleaning up dirty dishes:

1) Fill a basin with warm water
2) Add mild soap/dishwashing liquid
3) Rinse each piece thoroughly under running water
4) Dry using soft paper towels

Ensure every object has been cleaned gently without scrubs or brushes harshly scraping the surface.

Use the Right Materials for Storage

The next step is selecting the appropriate packing materials to use when storing your china pieces.

First, you’ll need acid-free tissue paper or bright white paper towels to wrap each piece individually. Using newspaper can cause discoloration over time due to its acidic nature.

Once wrapped up, place them in a stack and slide them into a storage container that will keep them secure and prevent movement during transport. Here are some options:

China Storage Boxes:

These come in various sizes and shapes with compartments designed specifically for dishes of different sizes.

Dish Dividers:

These are adjustable dividers that create custom-sized sections within a box allowing you to store any size/shape of China safely.

Bubble Wrap:

Bubble wrap is an excellent choice for protecting fragile items such as cups or teapots by providing extra cushioning around these delicate areas.


Label Your China For Easy Access

It’s important to label each piece so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for later on. You can do this by using adhesive labels or markers which help identify where each item belongs inside storage boxes/dividers.

Properly labeling your fine porcelain dinnerware sets not only makes it easier to locate but also helps prevents chips and cracks from occurring while searching through unorganized piles – making sure they last long enough until your next family gathering.

In conclusion, if you follow these steps correctly, then storing your china should be straightforward and relatively stress-free. This way, you get peace of mind knowing that all those expensive plates won’t break easily while being stored away between uses — ensuring many more years of enjoyment out of this heirloom-quality collection!

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