Tips for Storing Christmas Lights on a Hanger

Christmas lights are a must-have for the holiday season, but storing them can be a hassle. Tangled cords and broken bulbs can dampen your festive spirit. However, with the right technique, you can store your Christmas lights easily without damaging them. In this blog post, we will discuss how to store Christmas lights on a hanger.

Why Store Christmas Lights on a Hanger?

Storing your Christmas lights on a hanger is an efficient method as it keeps them organized and free of tangles. It also helps to reduce wear and tear that comes from improper storage techniques like throwing them into boxes or wrapping around objects.

Step-by-Step Guide to Storing Your Christmas Lights

Step 1: Gather all Materials Required

To begin with storing your christmas light on hangers you need two main materials – wire coat or pants hangers and zip ties or twist ties (anyone works).

Step 2: Detangle the Lights

Before hanging up the lights make sure they are untangled completely; separating each strand out so they don’t get tangled later when stored away.

Step 4: Start Hanging Up The Strands

Next step is to start hanging up the strands over one side of coat/pants hanger’s top bar by placing one end loop through it then securing its opposite end loop using either zip tie or twist tie.

You should wind one strand onto every section between these loops while keeping everything straightened out evenly spaced along their length until no more fits comfortably then proceed repeating process with remaining sets until finished!

It’s important not only spacing equally apart which prevents tangling but also ensuring none twisted during winding process too tightly upon itself since this may cause damage if left unattended prolonged period time

Once fully wound, take each hanger and connect them together using another twist tie to keep things organized while in storage.

Step 5: Label the Hangers

It is beneficial to label the hangers with string tags or post-it notes to identify which strand of lights belongs on each individual hanger. This makes it easier when you want to use them again next year.

Tips for Storing Christmas Lights on a Hanger Efficiently

Here are a few tips that can help make storing your Christmas lights on a hanger more efficient:

Tip 1: Use Light Clips

You may opt for light clips if you have bulkier strands of lights as they are easy and time-efficient solution.

Tip 2: Store Your Lights in A Climate-Controlled Area

Always store your stored christmas lights away from moisture areas as excess moisture could cause damage over extended periods of time. Try keeping them off concrete floors too, since these may become damp occasionally during winter months depending upon location this isn’t applicable everywhere though so be sure check where it’s happening near house before proceeding

In Conclusion

Storing your Christmas lights properly will prevent any untoward damages; thus saving money not having replace broken bulbs or buy new sets every year! By following steps outlined above and some helpful extra tips along way like labeling each strand/unit, You’ll ensure an orderly tangle-free experience come holiday season!

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