Tips for Storing Cigars Without a Humidor

As a cigar enthusiast, it can be frustrating to find yourself without proper storage equipment. The good news is that there are ways to store cigars without a humidor. In this blog post, we will guide you through how to store your cigars properly so that they maintain their flavor and freshness.

Understanding the Basics of Cigar Storage

Before delving into alternative storage options, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what factors affect cigar storage. Temperature and humidity are two essential elements in preserving the quality of your cigars. Improper temperature or humidity levels can cause the oils in the tobacco leaves to evaporate, leading to dryness and loss of flavor.


Cigars should ideally be stored at a temperature between 65-72°F (18-22°C). Keeping them in temperatures above 75°F (24°C) can cause them to lose their natural oils quickly leading to poor taste when smoked.


Humidity plays an equally significant role in storing cigars as temperature does; therefore, maintaining an ideal level of relative humidity between 63% – 70% is crucial for optimal preservation.

Now that we understand what our goals are let’s explore some alternatives on How To Store Your Cigars Without A Humidor?

Using Ziplock Bags with Boveda Packs

Using ziplock bags may not be ideal but if you find yourself without any other option available then this method works well at preserving the moisture needed by your cigar. Simply place each cigar individually inside separate ziplock bags along with one or two Boveda packs (depending on how many cigars you’re storing).

Boveda packs come with different RH levels ranging from 62%,65%,69%,72%. Depending on which Boveda pack you use will determine the relative humidity level inside your bag keeping your cigars fresh until you smoke them.

The Tupperdor Option

Tupperware containers can substitute for a humidor when the need arises. Choose a container that is preferably rectangular or square in shape as it will be easier to stack your cigars. Gaskets seals are important on these types of containers, ensuring an air-tight seal that retains humidity.

Line the bottom and sides of your Tupperware container with Spanish cedar sheets; if they aren’t available, you can use any other type of wood lining since this helps maintain humidity levels required by tobacco leaves. Place Boveda Packs inside according to recommended RH level based on ‘how many’ cigars you’re storing.

Place your wrapped individual cigar into the lined tupperdor container and close tightly once all your stash is snugly placed inside.

Using Uncooked Rice

Another alternative method involves using uncooked rice grains placed in small bowls at opposite ends of a bigger plastic container. These smaller bowls keep the rice from coming into direct contact with your cigars, which could result in mold growth due to excess moisture created by the rice itself.

Covering and securing this larger plastic storage containing properly after placing each cigar individually amongst it should help create enough moist environment needed for optimal preservation purposes

Just because there isn’t a dedicated humidor around doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through dry or flavorless cigars anymore! With these simple alternatives discussed above, cigar enthusiasts no longer have to worry about how best to store their precious stogies without fear of losing flavor quality or freshness over time!

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