Tips for Properly Storing Your Clothing Items

As much as we love shopping for new clothes, organizing our existing apparel can be a daunting task. Proper storage is essential for keeping your treasured clothes looking fresh and lasting longer. From folding techniques to clothing care products, here are some handy tips on how to store clothes properly.

Choose the Right Hangers

Start by choosing hangers that will not damage or stretch out fabrics. Wooden or padded hangers offer support without distorting the shape of your garments. Avoid wire hangers since they tend to leave marks on fabrics and do not provide adequate support.

Hang Similar Garments Together

Grouping together similar items such as dresses or blouses can make it easier to find what you need. By hanging them in order of length and color coordination, you’ll not only save space but also avoid wrinkling from excessive shuffling.

Fold Wisely

Some pieces cannot be hung because they will lose their shape over time; this includes knits, sweaters, and soft fabric tops. It’s best to fold these items carefully before storing them away.

Avoid Piling Clothes Up Too High

Overstuffing closet shelves with folded garments might lead to creases that won’t come out easily later on. When stacking layers of folded jeans or sweaters, keep each pile no higher than 12 inches tall.

Utilize Storage Bins & Vacuum Bags

For seasonal clothing like winter jackets and bulky blankets, consider packing them into vacuum-sealed bags for compact yet safekeeping solutions during off-seasons.
Storage bins with tight-fitting lids protect against dust buildup while still allowing easy access when needed.

Beware of Moths & Insects

Moths feast on natural fibers used in many types of clothing, such as wool and silk. To prevent moth damage, use cedar hanger balls or sachets, which release a natural moth repellant scent that deters pesky insects.


Storing clothes properly is crucial for maintaining their condition over the years. By using appropriate hangers, folding techniques, storage bins and vacuum bags you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes while keeping them organized at the same time. Don’t forget to also protect against moths and other unwanted pests by adding some protective measures like cedar balls or sachets to your wardrobe collection!

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