Tips for Properly Storing Your Colored Pencils

As an artist, you know how important it is to keep your colored pencils in good condition. Colored pencils are essential tools for creating beautiful artworks that require precision and accuracy. But if you don’t store them properly, they can become damaged or lose their vibrant colors.

In this post, we’ll discuss the best ways to store colored pencils so that they stay sharp, don’t break easily and retain their color brilliance over time.

1. Choose a Proper Storage Container

The first step in storing colored pencils is choosing the right container. A pencil case with different compartments specifically designed for holding pens and pencils works well as it protects them from getting lost or broken.

Another option is a wooden box or tray with individual slots where each pencil can be placed upright and neatly arranged by color shade groups.

1.a Keep Pencils Upright

Storing your colored pencils vertically will help prevent lead breakage especially when traveling with them.
This way also makes sure all leads remain intact.

1.b Choose a sturdy container

Choose a storage container made of strong materials such as metal tins or hard plastics so that they won’t easily get crushed being kept under heavy objects

2. Keeping Humidity Regulated

Humidity affects the quality of any art supplies including coloured pencils

Pencils should not be exposed to moisture which may cause lead cores to soften making sharpening difficult.
It’s advisable to avoid keeping coloured pencil cases near wet areas like bathrooms and gardens – inappropriate places for delicate tools like these.
Thus storage areas should always be dry eg shelves inside cabinets

3.Use Foam Inserts For Protection

Foam inserts work by cushioning each pencil individually from vibration.
They come tailor-made for specific sets/brands of colored-pencil sets
These inserts protect against accidental dropping and keep them organized.

4. Labeling

Label your pencils! This helps you stay organized by keeping track of which colors are running low, as well as making it easier to find the right color when working on a project.

4.a Color-code Your Pencils

Assigning specific color codes to each pencil will make finding them much faster especially when you have a lot of colored pencils.
A strip of velcro colour-coded for different shades can be a practical method.

In conclusion, storing your colored pencils properly is crucial for preserving their quality and ensuring they last long. With these tips above, you should be able to keep your colored pencils in excellent condition so that they remain effective tools for creating vibrant art pieces.

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