The Ultimate Guide to Properly Storing Crayons

Crayons are a fun and essential tool for children of all ages. They provide hours of entertainment and creativity, but when it comes to storing them, many parents struggle to find the right solution. In this blog post, we will explore some tips on how to store crayons properly.

Sort and organize your crayons

Before you start thinking about storage solutions, it’s important to sort through your existing collection of crayons. Discard any broken or unusable ones, then group the remaining colors together. You can use small containers or trays to make organizing easier.

Consider color-coding your crayon collection

If you want even more organization in your life (who doesn’t?), try sorting your crayons by color. This makes it easy for kids (and adults!) to find the exact shade they need quickly.

Pick the right container

Now that you’ve sorted and organized your collection of crayons let’s consider different types of containers available:

Crayon box with sections:

This is perhaps one of the most popular ways people store their crayons because it is so convenient! Look for a plastic or wooden box with built-in sections/ compartments where each color can have its own section

Zippered pencil case:

These cases come in various sizes; they are portable and protect from dust and damage while on-the-go

Glass jars:

Glass mason jars or recycled candle jars make great holders if there’s no lid as well as repurposing old glasses – just be sure they’re clean!

When choosing a container for storing colored pencils always ensure that there isn’t too much space around them so that they don’t move around too much inside which could lead to breakage.

Tips for maintaining crayons

Your little ones may not always follow the rules, but if you want to keep your crayon collection in good condition then here are some tips:

Avoid exposing your crayons to extreme temperatures:

Extreme heat or cold can cause wax blooms, which is when a white powder forms on the surface of the crayon. Keep them away from radiators and windowsills.

Keep them dry:

Crayons are made of wax, so they don’t mix well with water! Make sure your storage container has a tight-fitting lid that keeps moisture out.

Cleaning up after playtime

Once playtime is done and it’s time to put those colorful sticks away again here are some steps you can take:

Clean Up Any Messes:

If there were any spills during coloring sessions clean them up thoroughly with warm water and soap before storing

Bonus tip: Use a vacuum cleaner!

If there’s glitter involved or small pieces of paper get suck into cracks you can use vacuum cleaners with an attachment specifically designed for this purpose.


There are several ways to store your child’s crayons properly, depending on what works best for you as well as keeping them organized. Sorting by color makes things easier while choosing containers that suit your needs ensures long-lasting life for these wonderful tools that help encourage creativity in children. By following our easy tips over time cleaning will be less stressful – making coloring all the more enjoyable!

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