Effective Ways to Store Cut Onions in the Refrigerator without Odor

As a home cook, you know that onions are an essential ingredient in numerous dishes. Whether you’re cooking up soups or stir-fries, they add flavor and depth to your culinary creations. However, if you’ve ever stored cut onions in the refrigerator, you’ll be aware of the unpleasant odor it can emit.

Luckily, there are methods to store cut onions without any significant scent being released. In this post, we will explore how to store cut onions in the refrigerator without smell – so let’s dive right in!

Why do Onions Smell?

Before we get into storage techniques for cut onions let’s discuss why they give off such a strong scent over time.

Onions release a pungent sulfur compound called syn-propanethial-S-oxide when their cells are damaged by cutting and chopping. This compound is what makes your eyes water and gives onion its distinct aroma.

When left exposed while being stored in the refrigerator or on countertops with no proper ventilation systems like air-tight containers or bags – these compounds react with other enzymes present inside them leading to stronger smells which can even make surrounding food items acquire their odour too.

The Best Way To Store Cut Onions

The best way to reduce onion smell is by taking some precautions before refrigerating it:

Cut The Onion Properly

To lessen the amount of onion smell emitted from your fridge, start by cutting it correctly: Make sure that all pieces are uniform size so that each piece releases less juice than uneven sized ones which tend towards seeping out more juices thus intensifying any odours around them!

Use An Airtight Container

The most effective way of storing onion chunks or slices is sealing them tightly using an air-tight container/bag so that no gases escape from within – trapping anything smelly inside away from everything else in your fridge.

Refrigerate Onions In The Door Of Your Fridge

The door of the refrigerator is best for storing onions because it has more air circulation, which diminishes any strong odors. However, ensure that you place them inside an airtight container to avoid contamination with other foods.

Add Some Baking Soda To Contain Any Smell

Adding baking soda to an airtight container alongside onions can help absorb and minimize their odor. This method may work when placing a cloth with charcoal granules or activated carbon powder also helps reduce the smell since they both naturally trap smells from escaping containers by adsorbing gas molecules within pores on their surface


  • Cut onions as soon as you need them instead of pre-cutting them.
  • Use proper ventilated bags like ziplock ones after removing excessive air before sealing so that the onion doesn’t get squished while keeping out excess oxygen.
  • Always use sharp knives to cut onions – dull blades cause more damage to onion cells, resulting in stronger odours being released due to increased cell disruption during cutting.

In Conclusion

We hope these tips will help you store sliced or chopped onions without causing any unwanted smells! Cutting and storing multiple methods exist depending on individual preferences and situations at hand but remember; using an airtight seal is key when refrigerating food items prone to smelling strongly over time like onions!

Take care not only of yourself but also those around you who might be sensitive towards such odors by following our steps today!

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