Tips for Storing Cut Potatoes Overnight to Keep them Fresh

Potatoes are an essential ingredient in many dishes worldwide. They can be boiled, fried, mashed or baked. However, sometimes you may need to store cut potatoes overnight for the next day’s meal preparation. The challenge is how to keep them fresh and prevent them from discoloration.

In this blog post, we will explore some useful tips on how to store cut potatoes overnight without compromising their quality.

Why Should You Store Cut Potatoes Overnight?

Storing cut potatoes overnight can save you a lot of time when preparing meals the following day. For instance, if you want to make French fries for breakfast or roasted potatoes for lunch but do not have enough time in the morning, cutting your potatoes beforehand can save precious minutes.

Also, storing cut potatoes overnight allows more even cooking because they will have already released some starches that help with browning and crisping while cooking.

How to Store Cut Potatoes Overnight?

There are several ways of storing cut potatoes overnight depending on what works best for you:

Method 1: Water Soaking

One way of keeping your freshly sliced potato pieces from turning brown is by soaking them in water before storage. Here’s how:

– Rinse your sliced potato pieces thoroughly under cold running water.
– Fill a large bowl with cold water and add a tablespoon of salt per quart.
– Immerse the potato slices into the saltwater solution making sure that they are fully submerged.
– Cover with plastic wrap tightly then refrigerate until ready to use.

When using this method ensure that:

– Do not soak longer than 8 hours as this may cause overhydration which leads to soggy or soft textured spuds
– Drain off any excess moisture after removing from fridge

Method 2: Acidic Solution

An acidic solution will help to prevent the enzymatic reaction that causes discoloration of cut potatoes.

– Mix one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice per two cups of water
– Submerge your potato pieces in the mixture then refrigerate but do not soak more than 8 hours.

Method 3: Refrigeration

This is a simple way to store your sliced potatoes overnight, but it may not keep them from browning depending on how you prepare them.

– Place your sliced potato pieces in an airtight container and make sure they are arranged in a single layer.
– Cover tightly and place in the fridge until ready to use.

Ensure that:

– Do not leave for more than 24 hours because this might cause discoloration due to exposure to air


Storing cut potatoes overnight is convenient and can save time when preparing meals. Using methods such as soaking in saltwater, acid solutions, or refrigerating can help preserve their quality by preventing them from turning brown. It’s essential always to ensure proper storage techniques so that you can enjoy fresh, deliciously cooked potatoes every time!

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