Tips for Properly Storing Dahlia Bulbs During Winter

Dahlias are a gorgeous addition to any garden. But, as the colder months approach, it’s time to start thinking about how you can store these beautiful flowers for winter. Storing dahlias isn’t difficult, but there are a few key steps that you need to follow to ensure they survive until spring.

When should I dig up my dahlia bulbs?

The first step in storing your dahlia bulbs is knowing when to dig them up. You should wait until after the first frost before digging up your dahlias. This will give the plants time to begin naturally dying back and entering into dormancy.

How do I know when there has been a frost?

You can check weather reports or invest in a simple outdoor thermometer that will give you accurate readings of overnight temperatures.

Preparing your dahlias for storage

Once the foliage on your dahlias has turned brown and died back, you can begin digging them up from the ground. When doing so, be careful not to damage any of the tubers as this will affect their ability to grow next year.

What tools do I need for digging up my dahlia bulbs?

A spade or fork should suffice for most people – just make sure they’re sharp!

Once dug out of the ground, remove any excess dirt from around them with gentle brushing using gloved hands and allow them air dry completely- no sunlight needed.To prevent rotting during winter storage period,it is important all cut areas have enough time (upwards of 48hrs)to callus over before actual storing begins

Packaging and Storage

After drying off,digging done? It’s now time pack those beauties! Place bulb(s) in paper bags,sawdust or vermiculite filled boxes.Always keep in mind that proper ventilation and avoidance of moisture is key. Dry storage areas such as the garage, basement or any dark cool place with temperatures between 35-50°Farenheit are ideal for storing dahlias over winter.

How often should I check my dahlia bulbs while in storage?

Check your stored tubers once every two to three weeks (if possible) to ensure there hasn’t been any rotting or mold growth happening around them. Late fall weather can be unpredictable so you might want to check more frequently when there are temperature fluctuations in the area where they’re being kept.

In conclusion, if properly stored during winter months, your dahlias will thrive next season and give you a another chance at experiencing their vibrant colors once again.This process doesn’t have to be hectic which means with practice it only becomes easier.So go ahead,get ready and store those dahlia bulbs now,you’ve got this!

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