Storing Dahlia Bulbs: Tips for Winter Storage

If you’re an avid gardener, then you know that certain plants require special attention in different seasons. One such plant is the Dahlia, a beautiful flower with brightly colored petals and long stems. In winter, it’s crucial to store your dahlia bulbs properly so they can bloom again in spring.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to store dahlia bulbs during winter. From digging up the bulbs to preparing them for storage and maintaining their health throughout the colder months, we’ve got you covered!

When should I dig up my dahlias?

The first step in storing dahlia bulbs is knowing when to dig them up from your garden. Typically, this happens after the first frost of autumn has killed off the foliage above ground.

After the foliage starts turning yellow or brown (usually around late October or early November), use a fork or spade to gently lift your dahlias out of the ground by loosening soil around them. Avoid damaging any tubers as much as possible since these are what will regrow next year.

Once all Dahlias have been removed from soil rinse them with water and let dry until there’s no more moisture on them.

How do I prepare my dahlias for storage?

When all tubers are cleaned and dried completely now is time for prep work before putting them into storage containers:

1) Cut back any remaining stems so that only 5cm sticks out from top;

This makes it easier for handling when inserting into boxes without breaking or bending any leftover stem pieces.

2) Remove extra roots – cut away excess root material keeping roots intact;

During preparation process remove all dead parts between roots leaving healthy ones only – make sure everything has been trimmed neatly enough without causing damage anywhere else than intended place.

3) Dust tubers with sulphur powder;

It’s important to cover the bulbs with sulfur powder before storing them in order to prevent rot and other unwanted fungi.

How should I store my dahlia bulbs?

After you’ve completed all necessary preparation work, it’s time to store your dahlias.

The most common method is using containers. Choose a container that’s big enough for all of your tubers and fill it about halfway with perlite or peat moss, then lay the Dahlias on top of this layer without touching each other. Cover the bulbs completely by adding more layers on top until full.

Alternatively, you can also wrap each bulb carefully in newspaper or paper bags and place them into cardboard boxes lined with dry sawdust or wood shavings. Keep boxes somewhere dark like cellar where temperature stays cool between 4-7°Celsius so that they don’t dry out or get too moist.

How do I keep my stored tubers healthy throughout winter?

Checking once every few weeks is really important because if mold appears on any of your stored Dahlia bulbs it may spread quickly damaging rest as well. If humidity levels rise too high, they will start rotting instead which is equally bad for bulb health.

If possible try checking for signs of disease at least once during storage period so you can catch any issues before they cause further damage – this way there’s a chance still!

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your dahlia bulbs remain healthy and ready to bloom again next spring!

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