Tips for Storing Dahlias Tubers During Winter Season

Dahlias are beautiful and vibrant flowers that bloom during the summer months. However, when winter comes around, they can’t survive in the cold temperatures and must be stored properly to ensure their survival for next year’s blooming season. In this post, we’ll discuss how to store dahlias tubers over the winter.

When to Dig Up Dahlias

The best time to dig up dahlias is after the first frost has occurred and killed off all of the foliage. This usually happens in late October or early November depending on your location. Before digging up your dahlias, make sure you mark each plant with a label so that you know which variety it is when replanting next season.

Digging Up Dahlias

To begin digging up your dahlias, use a spade fork or garden fork to loosen soil around the base of each plant before lifting it out carefully from the ground. Once lifted out of the ground, shake off any excess dirt from its roots and cut back any dead foliage.

Curing Dahlia Tubers

Once you’ve dug up all of your dahlia plants, it’s time for them to go through a process called “curing.” Curing involves drying out and hardening the tubers before storing them away for winter. To cure your dahlia tubers:

Drying Them Out:

Trim down stems down until they are only 6 inches long (or less), then place them upside down into cardboard boxes filled with dry sand or peat moss mixture – making sure there is enough space between each individual stem not allowing any touching;

Store these boxes at room temperature inside an area where there isn’t much humidity present but still airflow being available!

Choosing The Right Storage Area

Once cured properly; now it’s essential that you store your dahlia tubers in a cool, dry place for the winter. A spare closet or basement is ideal as long as it’s not too damp and air can still circulate.

Storing Your Dahlia Tubers

Fill large plastic containers to about 2/3 full with sawdust or vermiculite, then arrange your cured dahlia tubers on top of this mixture;

Cover them entirely with more sawdust or vermiculite ensuring that each root piece has been covered entirely without leaving any spots showing; then store these containers in their designated area away from sunlight!

Checking On Your Stored Dahlias

It’s important to check on your stored dahlias periodically throughout the winter season, checking for any signs of rotting or drying out. If you notice any issues, remove those dahlias immediately to prevent them from spreading disease to other healthy ones!

In conclusion, storing dahlias over the winter doesn’t have to be difficult when done properly! By following these simple steps which include digging up and curing followed by proper storage methods; you’ll ensure your beautiful flowers re-emerge come next summer!

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