Easy and Effective Ways to Store Dill in Your Fridge

Dill is one of the most popular herbs used in cooking. Its distinct flavor enhances many dishes such as soups, salads, and sauces. Dill also has several health benefits, including reducing inflammation and aiding digestion. However, dill can lose its flavor quickly if not stored properly.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to store dill in the fridge to retain its freshness and flavor for longer periods.

Choose Fresh Dill

The first step in storing dill is selecting fresh ones. Pick bright green leaves that are free from yellowish or brown spots. The stems should be firm and crisp to touch with no signs of wilting or dryness.

Buy it Whole

It’s best to buy whole dills instead of chopped or minced ones because they tend to stay fresh longer. When you chop or mince the herb, it exposes more surface area making it prone to oxidation which leads to a loss in flavor.

Store It Properly

Now that you have chosen fresh whole dills let’s dive into how you can store them properly:

How To Wrap It?

Wrap your freshly picked dills loosely with a damp paper towel.

Cover It Up!

Place the wrapped herbs inside an airtight container like a zip-lock bag but do not seal completely air-tight.
Sealing too tightly can cause humidity buildup over time leading to spoilage; therefore leaving space for proper ventilation is essential.

Avoid Light

Keep the container away from direct sunlight as this may cause discoloration here’s why: Too much heat causes release moisture around which provides favorable conditions for bacteria growth

< h2 > Where To Put It?

Store your container at 34°-40°F (1°-4°C) in the fridge’s vegetable drawer.
This is because, at this temperature, the herb can maintain its freshness for up to two weeks.

How To Use It After Refrigeration

After refrigerating your dill herb with our instruction above, you may notice that some of the leaves have turned yellow or brown. Do not worry; it’s just a sign of aging, and they are still safe to eat.

To use them, simply remove the discolored parts and chop or mince finely before adding to your dish. You’ll find that they still add plenty of flavor despite their appearance.

In conclusion,
Storing fresh dill correctly will help extend its lifespan while maintaining quality and flavor. By wrapping them loosely in a damp paper towel and placing them inside an airtight container inside your fridge crisper drawers at 34°-40°F (1°-4°C), you’ll be able to keep your herbs fresh for much longer periods than storing on countertops. With these simple tips, you can now enjoy using dill in all sorts of meals without worrying about wasting food!

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