Effective Ways to Store Your Dog Toys for a Clutter-Free Home

Dogs are the best friends of humans and they deserve to be treated as such. When it comes to their toys, we often spoil them and end up with a pile of chewed up balls and frayed ropes. But how do you store all these toys in an organized manner? In this blog post, we will provide some tips on how to store dog toys efficiently.

Categorize your Dog Toys

Before storing your dog’s toys, it is essential to categorize them according to their types. This way you can easily determine which storage method works for each kind of toy. Here are some categories that you can use:

Plush Toys

These include stuffed animals, squeaky toys, or any soft toy made from fabric materials.

Rope Toys

These include tug-of-war ropes or any other rope-like toy that dogs tend to chew on.

Balls/Frisbees/Chew Toys

These include any hard plastic or rubber-based chewable items that dogs usually love playing with.

Storage Options for Plush Toys

Plush toys are probably the most common type of dog toy out there but they also have a downside – they tend to get dirty fast. To keep those plushies clean while keeping them organized consider using one of these storage options:


Baskets are perfect for storing plushies as they allow air circulation which prevents mold growth while also giving good visibility when picking out a specific item quickly & efficiently.

Hanging Toy Organizers:

Hanging organizers work well when space is limited; however, ensure the organizer’s hooks/strips hold enough weight so that all your furry friend’s favorite companions don’t come tumbling down on them.

Storage Options for Rope Toys

Rope toys are a great choice as they provide endless hours of chewing pleasure but keeping them organized can be tricky. However, these storage options will keep your rope toys tidy and in good condition:


Pegboards are perfect for storing rope or cord-like dog toys. They’re easy to install and allow you to customize the size of each designated space for specific items.

Tote Bags/Drawstring Bags:

Tote bags or drawstring bags work great when on-the-go or traveling with your pooch. These bags offer convenient cleaning & storing solutions that help reduce clutter while also reducing exposure to dirt/dust.

Storage Options For Balls/Frisbees/Chew Toys

These types of dog toys need less maintenance compared to others but storing them correctly is crucial if you want them last longer. Here are some effective ways to store these kinds of pet supplies:


Bins/crates work well when it comes to larger balls/frisbees ensuring that everything is visible at once by stacking each item neatly & uniformly inside.

Hanging Mesh Nets:

Hanging mesh nets provide another excellent option where one can easily see what’s stored while also offering sufficient air-flow preventing potential mold growth.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Toys

It’s crucial to keep all your furry friend’s favorite companions clean and free from bacteria/dirt buildup which could cause health issues. Here are some tips on how best practice methods :

– Use warm soapy water: This helps break down any grime, grease, or residual dirt leftover after playtime.
– Disinfect with vinegar solution: Diluted white vinegar provides an antibacterial quality ideal for disinfecting plastic, rubber-based toys.
– Run through the dishwasher: Most hard plastic or rubber chew toys are safe for dishwashers. Just ensure they don’t have any electronic components or stuffed material inside that could degrade in heat.


By categorizing and using proper storage options to store your dog’s toys, you can keep them organized while extending their lifespan. Don’t forget to clean them regularly so that your furry friend stays healthy and happy! With these tips in mind, say goodbye to toy clutter and hello to a neat & tidy home without sacrificing any fun with man’s best friend!

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