Simple Ways to Store Your Dog Treats for Longevity and Freshness

As a dog owner, you know that treats are an essential part of your furry friend’s life. Whether it’s for training or just to show some love and affection, every pup deserves the occasional tasty treat.

However, storing dog treats properly is important if you want them to last and maintain their freshness. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how to store dog treats effectively and extend their shelf-life.

Choose the right container

The first step in proper dog treat storage is choosing the right container. It should be air-tight, moisture-proof, and made with safe materials.

You can use plastic containers or metal tins with tight-fitting lids. Glass jars also work great but avoid using those with rubber seals as they tend to retain moisture which can spoil your pet’s treats quicker.

Make sure that the container is big enough for all your pet’s snacks so that you don’t have to keep opening it often which exposes them to air and humidity – two things that speed up spoilage.

Keep Your Container Clean

Before putting new cookies into your chosen container make sure it is clean! Wash everything by hand using hot water then dry thoroughly before adding any biscuits or bones inside. This extra measure will help reduce any degradation from bacteria present on either previous foods stored within or dirt/dust from exposure outdoors respectively

Store in a cool place

Heat speeds up food spoilage – including for dogs too! So keep your pooch’s favorite snacks in a cool location away from direct sunlight such as a pantry cupboard rather than in the oven or near windows!

Storing snacks like meat jerky particularly needs attention because they contain significantly less water (around 10%) than other types of snack options; therefore reducing moisture build-up becomes even more crucial when looking after these items

Keeping baked biscuits out of sunlight not only extends their shelf life but also prevents any loss of nutritional benefit from the ingredients, such as vitamin E which is vital to help maintain healthy skin and fur.

Avoid storing in the refrigerator

While keeping treats fresh is important, it’s essential to note that refrigerating them can cause them to spoil quickly. The low temperature and humidity changes the texture of baked biscuits, making them go soft or even damp over time.

Some owners like freezing homemade dog training treats which can prolong lifespan if done correctly! As long as you keep them away from moisture and odor-absorbing foods!

Frozen treat ideas include making ice cubes with chicken broth (low salt). These can be great for dogs who enjoy chewing on a refreshing cooler snack that also helps hydrate too!

Keep an eye on expiration dates

Just like human food, dog treats have an expiry date. It’s always helpful to check this before purchasing or opening a new packet so that your pet doesn’t consume anything potentially harmful.

Make sure you follow storage instructions given on packaging materials – some manufacturers may recommend specific methods such as refrigeration after opening or not refreezing should your product melt during hot weather conditions

By implementing these tips for proper dog treat storage, you can ensure that your pup’s snacks remain safe for consumption, tasty and nutritious. Remember always store separately from human food items in order to prevent cross-contamination between products intended solely for different species digestive systems!

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