Expert Tips for Properly Storing Dough in Your Fridge

Baking is a beloved activity for many people, but sometimes our busy schedules can make it difficult to find the time for a full bake. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: storing dough in the fridge! This simple technique allows you to pause your baking process and come back to it at a more convenient time. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to store dough in the fridge so that you can enjoy fresh-baked goods whenever you like.

The Benefits of Storing Dough in the Fridge

There are several reasons why storing dough in the fridge is such a great idea. Firstly, it gives you more flexibility with your schedule. You don’t have to finish making your baked goods all in one go – instead, you can break up tasks over multiple days or even weeks by refrigerating your dough until you’re ready to move on with your recipe.

Secondly, refrigerating dough also improves its flavor. When yeast-based breads (like pizza or bread) sit for longer periods of time at cooler temperatures (between 32-40°F), natural chemical reactions occur between the yeast and flour that result in better texture and taste development.

Lastly, keeping any types of dough chilled takes less space than proofing them outside which makes sense when someone has limited storage capacity.

Types of Dough That Can Be Stored In The Fridge

Not all types of dough are ideal candidates for refrigerator storage; some just won’t hold up as well as others! Here are some examples:

1) Yeast-Based Bread Dough:
This type of dough works very well since it benefits from being stored cold overnight thus creating tastier results!

2) Pizza Dough:
Pizza lovers rejoice because pizza crusts do remarkably well if kept cool during fermentation processes

3) Cookie/Biscuit/Cake Batters:
These recipes usually have short preparation times and can be kept for a few hours before use. Some people actually prefer this as it allows the flavors to develop during that time.

Steps on How To Store Dough In The Fridge

Now let’s get down to the practicalities of how to store your dough in the fridge:

1) Prepare Your Dough:
Before storing any type of dough, make sure you’ve completed all necessary mixing and kneading steps according to your recipe instructions.
2) Shape into Balls or Loaves:
Shape your dough into manageable portions – either small balls or larger loaves – depending upon what you’re baking.
3) Wrap Each Piece Tightly:
For best results, wrap each piece tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
4) Label Containers:
Label each container with important information (such as date and type of dough), so you don’t forget about them later!
5) Keep Chilled: Place wrapped containers inside the refrigerator (preferably at a temperature range between 32°F-40°F.

How Long Can You Store Dough In The Fridge?

This will depend on several factors such as climate conditions, amount of yeast used if any, etc. But generally speaking; homemade pizza crusts can last up to three days while bread should be used within 24-48hrs which is especially true for those recipes that contain perishable ingredients like eggs and/or milk.


Storing your baked goods’ dough in refrigerators is an easy way to enjoy fresh-baked goods whenever you want them! It not only provides more flexibility but also improves their flavor over time. Take care when choosing which types of recipes work well under this method by considering these guidelines mentioned above and follow these simple steps when preparing for storage so they remain safe from spoilage while keeping fresh until needed again!

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