Tips for Properly Storing Dresses without Hanging Them

Do you have a collection of dresses that you love, but struggle with finding enough space to hang them all in your closet? Fear not! There are plenty of alternative storage solutions that will keep your dresses looking their best without taking up precious hanging space. Here’s our guide on how to store dresses without hanging.

Fold Your Dresses

Folding is the most common way of storing clothes other than hanging them. With dresses, it can be tricky to get the fold right so that they don’t crease or lose their shape. The key is to find a flat and clean surface like a table or bed and lay out the dress face down. Then, fold it in half from one side so that the sleeves/straps meet each other perfectly at the center back seam.

Use Acid-Free Tissue Paper

Once folded, place acid-free tissue paper between each layer of fabric so that they do not rub against each other causing wear marks or snags over time. This protective barrier will also absorb any moisture in humid climates and prevent mold growth on delicate fabrics like silk.

Store Them Vertically

If you’re short on shelf space and need an extra vertical storage solution for your folded dresses, try using clear plastic garment bags with zippers to protect them from dust while still allowing easy viewing access. These bags are especially helpful when traveling as they keep clothes organized and wrinkle-free during transportation.

Add Cedar Balls For Freshness

Lastly, add cedar balls inside these garment bags for added freshness while keeping moths away too! You can easily buy this online or at home goods stores near you.

Roll Your Dresses

Rolling is another great option when it comes to storing clothing items such as t-shirts or leggings – but did you know it works just as well for dresses too? Rolling your dresses decreases the amount of space they take up in your closet and also prevents wrinkles from forming.

Roll Them Loosely

To roll a dress, lay it on a flat surface, fold it in half vertically and then gently roll it starting at the bottom hemline. Make sure to do this loosely so that there are no sharp bends or creases made during the rolling process. This technique is especially useful for packing dresses when you’re traveling as they won’t get wrinkled easily.

With these tips on how to store your dresses without hanging them, you can free up space in your closet while still keeping them organized and well-preserved. Whether you choose to fold or roll your garments, adding protective tissue paper and cedar balls will keep them fresh-smelling and prevent damage over time. Happy organizing!

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